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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WOW...Bath Bombs knocked me out like a light!

I haven't slept like this in months where I'm just getting up and the  sun is about to scorch through my garden and I'm afraid it's gonna  burn my masterpiece! Lol!

First of all I sleep really late then  wake up at 5:30-ish every darn morning like an alarm clock setting off in my head...It's ridiculous!

Perhaps its because my mind and body is really stressed lately and going through the worst ADD period as well. But hey... a big change is coming on for sure!

I'm definitely making some 'drastic' yet 'awesome' adjustments in my life.
Just the thought of having accomplished much these past few months throws me off completely!
The month of July is dedicated to finishing up unfinished list and  planning new ones and I promise you...

It's going to be a very exciting DIVALICIOUS YEAR ahead!!!

I'm excited yet I'm really very pooped and I'm finally starting to wind down that as you can
tell I'm finally blogging!

I have so much material to share that it's gonna drop on all of you my BLOG LUVERS
like a BOMB!!!

WATCH OUT!!!  Lots of Luvin coming your way!

I finally felt rested thanks to my loving and  wonderful hubby who insisted that I destress
He prepared a nice candlelit bath with Lush Products that he brought 
back from England last week. It was quite awesome as I watched the 
heart-shaped bath product fizzle and dissolve in the water leaving 
trails of pretty rose petals.

I felt like a pretty little princess in my bath garden LOL!
It was tough to feel relax and do nothing but I did just that.

Then afterwards I got a massage treat with the same products from Lush and 
YEAH Baby!... It was a heart-shape bath butter that melts in your hands and smelled like 
chocolates!!!... WOW!

The aroma in the room was heavenly, I couldn't believe it!
I was enjoying the smell of chocolates more than the massage itself 
(being a chocoholic and all)..LOL!
Now I'm up late and can still smell chocolates and uhhmmm wondering if they HAVE
Chocolate Flavored Soaps and Lotions!
Hhmmmm Yummm!

NOTICE:  I'm MOVING my BLOGS from here as of AUGUST 1st and leaving this site for general info.