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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Coming Soon

Daily Dares

Coming Soon

Jane of All Trades

So I Definitely have a lot of Experiences to SHARE..

Who better to learn from than 
'The Jane of All Trades'
who have no fears to FAIL!
Why soooo glum!!!
Life so short so learn to 
Live, Love and LOL!!!

Ok so i've gone a little CRAZEE!!
Sue me! LOL!

This page is a 'Work-in-Progress'
which will eventually fill up with all my projects as 
my energy and
and enter what I call the
 all of my projects
in sequence!
 Hoping to inspire others to follow their passions
and BECOME their BEST!

I can be followed up
on my DAILY entertainment blog 

The Secret Garden

What I'm gonna share with you are a few of my SECRETS!

Well, who are you to give us secrets Dare Diva?

Well... NOBODY really~ just plain ol' 
Fearless, Wacky and Wild, Bold and 
sometimes 'Beautiful' Dare Diva!
(now..now..no need to get angry coz I'm only beautiful to my hubby's eyes of course...lol!)

The girl behind the Dare Diva is actually ugly...hehehe.
See the pictures below... I posted one where I'm totally raw, no make-up and
untouched photos the hubby took at our last cruise.
It's like night and day! Yap!

A little make-up conceals my true identity. LOL
(more pix will be posted at Fuzz and Cuddles blogs)
Don't know who is more Fearless and Daring... Rose (that's me)
can walk around in daylight looking like that!
Heck sometimes I walk around in my sweats all day and daring enough to shop in my Pj's !!! 

It's TRUE!!!  

Back to the SECRETS..

Don't worry...I Dare not duplicate any books on SECRETS  or LAW of ATTRACTION. 

God knows there's enough written stuff out there to make you want to do 
online gambling instead! (hehe) 
Well at least you think you have a better chance of getting rich gambling rather than waiting for that  magic that's promised if you say your 'Intentions to the Universe!' 
(LOL..I'm just kidding of course!)

Seriously though, I actually believe in that 'Intention' stuff and I'm here to prove it. 
Actually, I'm here to SUPPLEMENT it with certain awesome 'real experiences' 
I've had and no doubt continue to have. 

But this site is not entirely about SECRETS

It's a little bit of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to 
do with Self-Improvement, Self-Discovery as well as Tech-Savvy Tips 
that you would normally pay for.

YEP.. my interests spans from one extreme to another!
I've read a whole lot, bought almost all the infomercials, books,
packages, internet get-rich quick scams...lol!

But most of all....
I also have this 
'Amazing SECRET '
to SHARE...

It's all in the SECRET GARDEN
and it's quite MAGICAL...
go ahead and go to the Garden
It's waiting for you...