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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's time to CELEBRATE LIFE!

Wonder what I've been up to?

Well that ONE thing that's most important to me is about to launch.

Hubby has been away for a while and things had to be pushed aside.
Plus the many b-day lunches and dinners has finally slowed down and I'm
just about to pop out a new and improved muffin-top lol!
 Dang it, can too much love from friends  really be this fattening?
Anyways, that should go away when I get back on my program.

My sons got me an ice-cream cake from DQ with a funny print on top and a #1 candle (but hey, it's what's inside that counts. They're quite funny boys)
So I'm loving my new age so far.... and my new hairdo or new look isn't to shabby lol! :)

But ya, I've been quite preoccupied with my projects and yes the
distractions came and guess what? .... I welcomed it with open arms!! :)
What's life without fun and entertainment as long as it's good for the soul!

So my 90- Days Challenge to a NEW ME is here and I'm just about ready to burst
with excitement but first I have to prepare for the ambiance and put on a heck of a party!

I love parties and I'm a firm believer that 'LIFE should be CELEBRATED' every chance we get!
I found early in life that I love to decorate parties ever since I can remember. This is due to my artsy-fartsy nature lol! I love to CREATE!

As part of my going backwards in order to go forward in my Journey to Becoming... "MASTER of ONE"...
I discovered once again one of my many passions by fluke!!!

And it was a wonderful fluke! (Just like my hair color was a fluke but loving it now!)

For some of my friends, they must be saying...

"Lol! That's not new to us Dare Diva!"

It's true that I've always been into event planning or party decors since I can remember.
It's just recently that it suddenly fell back on my lap.

I just know that it's more of a hobby and it's not my FIRST LOVE!
So going into partnership with a dear friend was the way to go.

As a matter of fact, the best way to have my projects go forward is to have partners
manage them for me or with me.
Anyhooo... what better way to launch every darn great project than with a bang!
LEt's go at em! You can now preview ONE of my NEW Project @ www.CelebrationsGarden.com

Now to prepare for my Garden Party!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

End of 'Fortifying ONE!'

So I've got another 'year' tucked under my belt!
 (more like an extra inch to my muffintop hahaha!!!)

Last year I told myself I would focus on just ONE thing
as I turn 41.
My genius of a niece (won't name names cos I have many but she knows who she is)
suggested that I theme my year and call it the
" FORTIFYING ONE" which rhymes with Forty-ONE (like i said, genius!)

Knowing that I have ADD and all, she gave me that DARE!
Well, the Dare Diva would never pass on such an amazing DARE!
And I did that ONE thing and it made all the DIFFERENCE!

I had never been so FOCUSED in all my life. Yes I fell off the wagon
now and then but because I took that DARE, I kept my promise
and now I'm on the path to 'becoming' me!

Today marks the day when I can reflect on that ONE thing.

IF I forget to do any of the other projects or never fulfill any of the other
goals in my life... I can DIE knowing I've done that ONE IMPORTANT thing!

Anyways, I will share that ONE thing another day, another blog.

But yes...
It's time to work on "FORTIFYING TWO"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some giveaways coming soon!

 A Quick NOTE here:
Want to look like a Diva without spending too much?
I will be giving away my shopping secrets soon and as well as my SHOES and PURSES
If you LIKE my stuff.... go to my FACEBOOK page and let me know!

full story at www.divaliciousdiaries.com

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Things to COME!

If you've landed on this page..  I'm still doing some major
SPRING CLEANING and I'm starting  'Online'.. Lol!

 However, for  being so patient,  I think I will definitely start my early Butterfly Garden Giveaways next week!

 Come back real soon and meanwhile you can visit my other blog

I am looking for 
Product Reviewers to review my Giveaways!

Pls. contact me!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Whatever YOU ARE, Be a GOOD One!

I have found that the greatest teachers in my life were the ones that hurt me most.

It's been a long road of emotional roller-coaster for my family and how one wrong choice can have  lasting consequences. It's one of the reasons why I've disappeared for a time but I know it's just a matter of time that things would work out.

I will not go into details, it's personal and not meant for public viewing but I share this because of
what I had discovered that was quite interesting and also disappointing.
It is that some people have to go to great lengths to put their integrity on the line in order to be right!
How ironic is that?
Integrity is standing for TRUTH!
It means doing the right thing even at the most inconvenient time.

Anyways... long story and no drama!

So I just need to start up my passion of blogging again.
I was thinking about how I said I would post up all my blogs in my new blogsite
 Divalicious Diaries but everything was pushed once again. I really didn't want to put myself down. I have a project to finish during this new journey and I intend to do it.

So although it may not hurt anyone if I missed a day or two in my posts... the important thing is that I need to be true to myself and to live with integrity!
(YES...I'm quite tough on myself lately, I know...lol!)

Which brings up the topic of  blogging!

A few people had asked me the question...
"What is The DARE DIVA? 
What is it about?
I still don't get it?"

Well to be honest... it is a little puzzling even to me too! Lol! Lol!

But I heard a great quote from a friend...
"Whatever you are, Be a Good One!"
It's a great quote to live by and to keep your integrity in check.

That is what this journey is about!

It's the journey to finding out what the Dare Diva is all about.
She's the 'JANE of ALL TRADES and Master of ONE!
I sure would love to spend my time fulfilling that ONE thing!
The ONE thing that MATTERS MOST!
All in 90 Days!

And it will be all explained in my new blog through my somewhat info-taining stories
and a bit of Life-Coaching.

My husband knows how hesitant I've been in getting started again because I have some fears.
YES that's right, even the DARE DIVA has FEARS!
But he keeps reminding me to find that DARE DIVA within and do it because I LOVE to do it for myself and not worry what others think.

I may not be heard or liked but perhaps there may be one person  that can benefit from reading (if anyone is even reading at all..lol!) then I would've made a little difference!

You can now follow my journey and read my silly... DAILY DISH at my Divalicious Diaries blogsite or NOT...Lol!

Friday, March 23, 2012

This is really disturbing me!

This is really disturbing me!
I have been thinking about this for some time and i will finally do it!

I haven't answered to any of my new  Facebook friends request lately for a few reasons.
 I am busy  physically doing some SPRING CLEANING and I will
go ahead and also do a  Spring e-cleaning (electronically) and e-screening!

So yes... Its time to ask for a favor so I am going to ask a few
people on my FB friends list for a
 'believe it or not'...
 'Friends DELETION Request'!

That's right,  I'm Cleaning up real good!
They say that
"In order to be happy, keep the good energies around you and 
get rid of the negative people in your life!"

LOL...Which one are you???

I've been conducting a few little test with some people on my
friends list over a few months. (This is not excluding family and close friends)

Being a blogger and a media face, Facebook has  
surprisingly helped in so many dimensions
in the direction of my new career choice.

I've also witnessed many successful transformations closely in my
friends circle with the help of FAcebook!
That's right... Facebook is a powerful tool for 'transformation'!
I've got a lot of stories to tell about my own Facebook experience and where it's taken me!
Most of all, I'm inspired by studying how others are using this tool to make
positive changes for themselves and for others!

If you're one of them and you're reading this, YES... I've  been keeping a close eye on you guys and studying a few of you and I congratulate you!

Give yourself a big pat in the back!
You Rock!!!

On the downside...Yet there are those who are clueless to what I'm saying.

 During this whole Experience while trying to take  on my 'life's journey' to the next level...
I've found so many interesting yet 'disturbing' facts about Facebook as well as
the whole online community itself.

Here is the disturbingly ugly truth:
Lets face it.... 

We are merely FACES among groups of FRIENDS trying to feel IMPORTANT, ACCEPTED, and VALIDATED! -lol!

Ok so some of you are probably telling yourselves:  
" Oh really?... Thats not me!"
Hehehe... I can't speak for everyone...I guess it's only for the very few
drama queens or attention-seekers like myself of course!
I guess it comes with the territory of having ADD!
It can actually be a blessing! :D

So yes... You can learn a lot from other people's weaknesses!
 (particularly mine because I dare to Share it!)
April 1st at my new site sharing my experiences during my next 90 Days journey
on this new ebook I'm working on called:
 The Facebook Crook

 Visit www.Divaliciousdiaries.com

(yes while im cleaning up my facebook, the Dare Diva site is getting ready for spring gardening  so be a butterfly and come back real soon!)

Daily Dares

You can follow my Daily Dares on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TheDareDiva

Calendar of Events coming soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Coming Soon

Daily Dares

Coming Soon

Jane of All Trades

So I Definitely have a lot of Experiences to SHARE..

Who better to learn from than 
'The Jane of All Trades'
who have no fears to FAIL!
Why soooo glum!!!
Life so short so learn to 
Live, Love and LOL!!!

Ok so i've gone a little CRAZEE!!
Sue me! LOL!

This page is a 'Work-in-Progress'
which will eventually fill up with all my projects as 
my energy and
and enter what I call the
 all of my projects
in sequence!
 Hoping to inspire others to follow their passions
and BECOME their BEST!

I can be followed up
on my DAILY entertainment blog 

The Secret Garden

What I'm gonna share with you are a few of my SECRETS!

Well, who are you to give us secrets Dare Diva?

Well... NOBODY really~ just plain ol' 
Fearless, Wacky and Wild, Bold and 
sometimes 'Beautiful' Dare Diva!
(now..now..no need to get angry coz I'm only beautiful to my hubby's eyes of course...lol!)

The girl behind the Dare Diva is actually ugly...hehehe.
See the pictures below... I posted one where I'm totally raw, no make-up and
untouched photos the hubby took at our last cruise.
It's like night and day! Yap!

A little make-up conceals my true identity. LOL
(more pix will be posted at Fuzz and Cuddles blogs)
Don't know who is more Fearless and Daring... Rose (that's me)
can walk around in daylight looking like that!
Heck sometimes I walk around in my sweats all day and daring enough to shop in my Pj's !!! 

It's TRUE!!!  

Back to the SECRETS..

Don't worry...I Dare not duplicate any books on SECRETS  or LAW of ATTRACTION. 

God knows there's enough written stuff out there to make you want to do 
online gambling instead! (hehe) 
Well at least you think you have a better chance of getting rich gambling rather than waiting for that  magic that's promised if you say your 'Intentions to the Universe!' 
(LOL..I'm just kidding of course!)

Seriously though, I actually believe in that 'Intention' stuff and I'm here to prove it. 
Actually, I'm here to SUPPLEMENT it with certain awesome 'real experiences' 
I've had and no doubt continue to have. 

But this site is not entirely about SECRETS

It's a little bit of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to 
do with Self-Improvement, Self-Discovery as well as Tech-Savvy Tips 
that you would normally pay for.

YEP.. my interests spans from one extreme to another!
I've read a whole lot, bought almost all the infomercials, books,
packages, internet get-rich quick scams...lol!

But most of all....
I also have this 
'Amazing SECRET '
to SHARE...

It's all in the SECRET GARDEN
and it's quite MAGICAL...
go ahead and go to the Garden
It's waiting for you...