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Monday, April 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 60-61: April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Saturday was the usual- 
Zumba and workout in the morning. 
Was locked out of the building and had to go back home for keys to the gym.
Joe was busy making the Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake for Easter
Spent time with the sick baby in the afternoon
And finished the day with a wonderful Easter concert at church.
It was so beautiful and I was captivated with the spiritual blessings of talented singers all night.

Sunday we went to attend the Kirkland ward because it was close to my sis-in-law's home
and the Sunday service was full of singing and it felt like a continued service from the Easter concert except less powerful vocally. The Easter concert was powerful indeed and it lingers.

We had a big Easter brunch at my Inlaws and family. 

I need to plan my next week's exercise and diet!

It was nice and we had played some fun board games. 

Project 219: Day 59 -April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Good Friday

Today was a Great Friday 

Joe took the day off work and we had a nice day together. 
I still managed to inject 2hrs of gym time for me in the morning while he babysat
ESA for a little bit. 

After lunch we went out to watch Captain America 2 and experienced the VIP Cineplex Scotia Theater!
That was a blast :)
It was comfortable, private and had all the amplified digital sound effects and yes the stuff hubby cares about lol!
But for me, I like the fact that you really felt like a VIP with big comfy seats that has a pull out table
Lots of leg room, and leather chairs that recline. 
The moment you walk into the theater it already has the ambiance of a VIP.
A nice lobby and a resto/lounge. 
The bathrooms were pretty nice as well, it was an individual room with lots of space not stalls

Then we tried out some calamari and sandwiches which was pretty good

And we followed it with a little shopping at DiX30 Shopping complex and walked into
a few stores. I did pretty good and not buy a single thing :)
And ended up at the Broadway Cheesecake and had hot chocolates and cheesecake but didn't like the toblerone cheesecake as much
So NOPE the 2hr workout in the morning wasn't enough!!!
And I forgot I ate so much popcorn too!!

Project 219: Day 58 - April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

True-North Thursday!
Finding the cure starts with the true source of my pain.

Today I finally had my physiotherapy appointment.
It's both relieving and disappointing

I felt relieved that I was on the road to recovery again and just being there was 
an important step. I was too stubborn to even make the appointment because I
knew I could heal myself. 
I realized that wisdom comes from being teachable, humble and so I had no choice but 
to listen to my body and get additional help.

What disappoints me is that each individual with their profession often contradicts
each other. It just confuses me even more. 
I kind of have my own theory of how my injury started and the pain probably escalated from
the fall in the snow but the physio based her assessment on scientific facts and in my opinion ...
does not really care about my theory of how the pain started.

I think I would know my own body better and so now on I'm gonna 
continue doing some of my own homework and researching an alternative way to heal
myself on top of the physio treatment.

Let's start by moving!
I will continue to exercise ... so yes 1.5 hrs at the gym today was fine!

Plus... I would be better off as I find ways to prevent this tendonits from happening again.
 True source comes from honesty and I am 100% certain that it all starts in my diet and 
I'm sure having body inflammation has a lot to do with it. Let's start there :)

Project 219: Day 57 -April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Wacky Wednesday 

What a crazy day!
Didnt sleep well for 2 days and probably got in4hrs for the 2 nights.
I finally fell asleep an hour before teaching Zumba class and was 5 mins  late. But it wasn't too bad, students are often late coming into class. It was a great class.

Then I had lunch with hubby and the submarine sandwich was pretty bland and super greasy. I felt pretty gross and couldn't wait to workout and burn whatever I ate.
So at night I has another Zumba class to teach and it was great because I added weights to my class. 

Now what i really want to do is work on trimming my waste down to a size 26 
Is this even possible considering my bone structure?? Not sure but I could at least try. I may not reach that size but a 28 would still be super! Imagine that :)

So ya I'm gonna start incorporating what i call my wacky workouts to reach this goal. 

Project 219: Day 56 - April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Terrific Tuesday 
This morning as tired as I was from lack of sleep I managed to go to the gym for 9:30am
The Zumba this morning was extremely energetic that I completely forgot how tired I was. The music was pumpin and not a break in between. I broke out a sweat within minutes. It was awesome!
It's what you'd expect from a man who is energetic and Cuban dancer/instructor 

Then I was still able to put in half an hour of weight training and abs workout.
Having done all that exercise, my mindset was programmed to eat well, lots of vegetables and tilapia fish for lunch probably under 600 calories
and had my shake for supper. 
But I believe I may have burned all my calories and definitely some fat after having to teach Zumba in the evening on top of my early morning workout!

I should be ready for the pink sands in Bermuda in a month :)

So ya, we're booked to go on the NCL Breakaway next month!
My goal is to look Fit and Fab by then. Now if I could just get my injured shoulder back to normal again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Project 219: Day 55- April Showers bring May flowers- (planning)

Oh how I miss my work-outs at the gym!!!
And just to think how I used to hate working out!

This is the kind of pain that I appreciate and love...
Pain from working out!

So now my journey really starts here.
It's time to get serious and get in shape for the summer.
After 2 mths away from the gym and irregular Zumba classes 
I had gained what I would normally gain on a 2 week cruise to the Caribbeans.
That's 10 lbs!

That's from lack of sleep and a little more sweets than usual plus the lack of exercise so
yes that's a deadly recipe for weight gain!

What I've learned from these past few weeks is priceless.
 I've done much of the thinking and making sure this is truly what I want to do
and thanks to my recent physical injury I was able to pause and ponder on the path I am
planning on taking with this project 219.

At first it was a just an inspiration to blog again and then it became a 
nagging feeling that I just couldn't shake off and so I did no matter how uncomfortable
it felt to start again. Never really knew what to write about... just took it day by day
and tried to be consistent.
It had become a little exercise to see if I can still enjoy the writing
And my desires became my strength in pursuing this course.  
I decided that if I want to get somewhere, it's wise to just move along even if I'm not quite sure how to proceed. At some point I knew I'd figure it out but I wasn't gonna sit on my butt and wait for the light to come on and 'pooof' miraculously give me crystal clear directions.

Now I'm 110% sure this is my path without a doubt and I'm excited and scared at the same time but God would never tell me to do something I couldn't handle. 

Project 219: Day 53-54 - Snow is gone for good!

It was a beautiful weekend
Friday I went back to the gym for the first time and Saturday was back to regular
Zumba and strength training and the pain was welcomed.
And the rest of the day was spent grocery shopping at the Asian grocery store and
it was packed. The line was very long and Im glad I had my brother to help me
while Joe stayed home for the roof repairs.
It was a long day and I was glad to stay home and rest at night.

Sunday was church service as usual and an extra meeting afterwards.
So from 12-pm to 4pm and I was exhausted because I hardly slept the night before.
Not a great idea to skip on the anti-inflammatory pills.
The pills help with the discomfort.
I'd like to do this naturally without drugs but right now I need it to help me sleep as
much as I can.