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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project 219: Day 99 - 101; A Lesson in forgiveness through Zumba Love (part 1)

This one is a little silly but worth noting for my own growth lol!

Cruising twice a year is like a vacation from my healthy lifestyle. So twice a year I break all the rules!
I eat and eat until I'm so full that I nap almost everyday 
But over the years I've learned that I pretty much ruin some nights trying to ease my uncomfortably full stomach and feeling very sluggish the next day. So it was not worth it to binge eat lol!
But the food is there and yes I've learned to spread it out in 6 meals.
However, the scale never lies and the muffintop comes back very easily. I used to pack on a pound a day for each cruise day. So I had to find other solutions so I can still enjoy the food.
So I compensate by taking walks on the deck and going to the fitness center then ending the night at the dance club trying to burn at least the calories at breakfast.

This time around, I read reviews about the new Norwegian fleets having Zumba onboard.
I was soooo excited that I actually packed 1/4 of my luggage with fitness clothes. 
I was ready to Zumba onboard and maybe even show a routine or two if permitted.

So there we were enjoying our cruise and I was excited to see the daily schedule of activities every night that it arrived in our stateroom.

Day 2 was Zumba at 10:00 in the morning!
Although I knew I would be groggy from my usual motion sickness at sea day, and it usually takes two full days for my system to get accustomed to the movements...
I was still determined to wake up and move to Zumba!

My hubby who loves to plan our vacations and even schedule the very small details like 'what to wear'
(so that I don't spend two hrs changing lol), always let's me sleep the first two days.
But he knows I love Zumba more than sleep and at that time he hoped that it would snap me out of my motion sickness early. 
So he was cheering me on!
There we were having our early breakfast delivered to our room. Then killed some time touring the big ship and even caught an extra activity for Joe to try what looked like an overhead jungle gym.
 It was now time and we moved towards the middle of the ship to the atrium where they would be having this Zumba party!

But wait!
 There was the animal towel folding activity. 
What happened??..
So we waited a little but when I checked the schedule it looked as if there was a mistake or what I thought was a swap in activity. 
I just couldn't understand why they would do a stupid thing like that.
I even thought that maybe not a lot of people wanted to do Zumba and so they stopped it?

So I stopped guessing and decided to ask a worker.
And she said...
"Zumba was at 10am Madame!"

Joe and I looked at each other in confusion and checked our watches,
then realized that we forgot to move our clocks backwards.

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