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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Project 219: Day-120- May and June (review and renew)

All of June was a lot of time spent on cleaning and preparing up my garden

- finally packed away my luggages from cruise after a month
- cleaned up closet and got rid of old clothes to make room for new
-cleaned up shoe closet for new shoes - feeling excited 
- family obligations and church activities and parties 
- and other distractions

The most important thing was that my shoulders finally feel 85% better and mobility is there.
I am able to work out with a bit of weights. My arms feel flabby and I've gained a total of 10 lbs
but it's not all that bad. My joy for shoulder mobility exceeds the disappointing weight gain.
PLUS ... My garden is done and all I have to do is manage it.

It's been a few crazy weeks even months but I am almost back to normal.
It's almost as if some evil force was gathering around me to prevent me from reaching my goals but I have to keep going and if fought through it.
I also did some backsliding and went back into my terrible shopaholic mode online
to the point that Paypal started holding back funds. That's not good!
But i took that for a really bad sign and I had to stop. It took a while to slow down the shopping
but I had no choice because there just isn't anymore room for the shoes and clothes that I had to give a lot away.
But again it's just one of those things that happened because it needed to happen so that I can relearn an important lesson. This time around I had felt the frustration of not having enough space.
I felt really crammed. I needed to clean out. I was even thinking that if my kids moved out I would have more space for my shoes and clothes. Shame on me! Lol!
Little did I realize that I was only cramming my spirits by adding physical stuff!

However I can take it hard or I can be positive about it and still have the good feeling of new wardrobe.
A new wardrobe for a new journey!
I feel a bit more liberated and happy that I have a new wardrobe and the lesson of 
'not putting things above people'!
When we feel physical pain it can lead to other pains as well. Because of the lack of sleep it weakens my overall spirit. But it all can be fought over time.
It takes a lot of prayers and patience to overcome the trials.
Now I'm back and I've made new plans.
I have lost many weeks and feel like I was battling my way just to get to this point.
I only have 100days left and this is where the miracles will have to happen if I want my project 219
to happen.

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