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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Seriously Thinking about doing a StripTease Online!... What do you think?

Yesterday I announced on my Facebook wall and The Dare Diva Fan page 
that I wanted to do Something CRAZY!
So I did 3 Crazy things... 
but there's always a method to my Madness~

"BUT why STRIPPING Dare Diva?"
Ok SO YES... I'm really pulling your leg! hehe!

BUT what I really want you to do is to
by Grabbing my Button...
but GENTLY please! 

JUST GRAB the CODE Below and 
PASTE it on your Site so you can
easily GET to my LINK!

<center><a href="http://ohheckshesupagain.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq48/aprildurham23/Rose%20A/RoseButton2.png" alt="Photobucket" border="0" /></a></center>

Seriously, this BUTTON can be valuable to you and I'm willing to be 
STRIPPED of my SECRETS and Tips.

I'm quite sure I've really CAPTURED 
some ATTENTION here today~

Don't worry...I'm not going NUDE or doing some 'POLE'  dancing!
Mind you a girlfriend of mine once asked:
"Hey Rose, I know this is kinda personal but ...Did you use to dance you know those
sexy erotic dances, those... stripping dances cos you dance like one?!!?"
Hahaha...and this occurred during a church dance and I nearly pissed 
my pants when I heard that! WOW!
But she's so close of a friend that she can joke around like that.
The funny thing is that I wasn't too offended, 
I think it was kind of flattering... bwahahahaha!

WELL, the title of my blog brought me back to that time and
the reaction I had and probably most of the people that knows me well is
pretty much reacting the same just about now.
(dumbfounded, shocked~)
" WHAT? Strip? HUH?...Oh Rose, you're CRAZY!
and some  BFFs will say:...
"Oh there goes that WILD Rose again! LOL"

BUT Going back to the blog title:
"I'm Seriously Thinking about doing a StripTease Online!... 
What do you think?"

Let's dissect that for the educational sake here because that's the whole purpose behind this title.
Just think about how Hollywood captivates their audience?
What sells?
PLUS: What do you think happens when you ask a question in your title?

Ok so that's two keys to better headlines or titles.
But really...this was just an example to illustrate the importance
of Blog Titles and Headlines as another Blogging Tip!

It's very hard to capture your reader especially when the net is full of Information~
I'm going to touch on what I call
'The Dare Diva's Info-Tainment'
when I get back from my two weeks vacation of course.
Meanwhile, go visit my new addition to my Butterfly Garden

Fuzz and Cuddles

It's our third cruise in a year and that's not to impress you
but to once again SHARE ideas on how to continue to build
your relationship on a budget!

Trust me, Knowledge is RICH... you learn best
when you are 'without' and we've been there!
It also pays to be Jane of All Trades and I can SHARE that with you too!
Getting Excited Yet?
I know I am.. I'm going on a WELL DESERVED Vacay!

I also know a thing or two about Branding and Titles
where I had one site that attracted visitors like  bees to a honey
and all there was on the page was the name of the site...
nothing more!

HOWEVER...I am seriously considering thinking of changing
my Terrific Tuesdays to 'Strip-Tease Tuesdays!'
Why? Because every Tuesday, I am willing to give more TIPS as
you GRAB My BUTTON! Lol!
So yes you've caught on... I'm wanting you to promote my site in return~
So go on and GRAB My BUTTON Gently


<center><a href="http://ohheckshesupagain.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq48/aprildurham23/Rose%20A/RoseButton2.png" alt="Photobucket" border="0" /></a></center>

and when I get back, I will invite you to my SECRET Garden
and share with you the
"Keys to Unlocking your Blog Potential"

You'll learn
  • how to get more followers
  • How to hypnotize and entertain with your words
  • Effective marketing skills
  • Keep them coming back for more
  • How to attract Sponsors
  • How to make money on your blogs and so much more.
I'm not promising you to be rich overnight
NO Siree, I'm NOT selling,Just Sharing!
WHY Dare Diva?
Why all this SHARING?
Because I CARE dang it!

Because 'Goodness is REal!'
When you Share the LUV, you get it Back~
L- Love your Audience and Followers
U- Uplift Each Other and you'll be guaranteed to go
V-  Viral together!

Go ahead.. loosen up my buttons babe (hehehehe)

Grab it good and gently and strip my mind !!!
I'm going on Vacay, just email me
and let me know where to come find my button on your page
and I will definitely follow you as well and then
reward you with more info when I get back!

(Sorry i don't have much time to edit this page but i hope it was good enough 
for now. See you when i get back April 12)
 Fuzz and Cuddles
come join us!
LUV, LUV, LUV... The Dare Diva!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What da HECK are you talking about? PART 2

My close friend tells me that I have 'BLONDE Moments'
Well, let me tell ya something...Blonde moments are the greatest 
'learning opportunities' I've used as a secret weapon.
(that's another blog for later!)

Anyways back to the topic... 
So you say you Wanna Capture your Reader's ATTENTION?

Here's just a really simple exercise I'm demonstrating.

Now  look at the two examples and let me know if you see a difference.
pay attention to the different methods I used. I didn't put very much effort 
in the editing but it is still quite effective.

Take a look at the two examples below:

In an attempt to show you a simple exercise, I used one of the readers comments
as a content for this example. Just take a quick glance at the following.
 Example #1:
Example #2

At a glance, which one of these examples do you think would be easier to read?

In my attempt to follow many blogs, I've looked at many different style of writing. 
As a 'reader', I tend to steer away from the cluttered or cramped style of writing.  
That's just me! 
Perhaps it's the same for everyone. You may have the best contents but IF you make it DIFFICULT for your visitor to read, you may  just lose your audience. 
On the other hand you can have the lousiest contents and yet your style of writing 
is pleasing to the eye, you may just have a better chance!

Now just imagine if you put a bit of work to your wonderful hobby!
You might as well! 

So the rule:
I used to write and write and realized that I've written a whole book. When I was done and it came to editing, I didn't even want to go back to it. LOL!
SO no matter what content you may have, even if it's a 'blah blah blog' every little bit of 'approach' to your writing will help.  
"Write as if you are the Reader and if you are writing for yourself, write so you will want to go back and read it!"

Go ahead and read it closely! You might just find more hidden LUV tips in the content.
 This second example is just slightly edited showing you that the importance of just
'simple editing' to play to your reader's eyes.

This is just my first example. There are many ways to attract your reader's attention. If You LIKE my TIPS please comment below and I will keep it coming for now , while I'm still trying to finish up my site's content.
LUV ya!!! 

I Dare to Share 
because I CARE!
-The Dare Diva

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What da HECK are you talking about? PART 1

Are you a 'blah blah blahgger'... 
I mean blogger? (Lol!)
(Still trying to finish up my site's last minute stuff so I'm gonna share more Following LUV Tips)

Is your content really worth sharing?

Or are you sometimes like myself: 
you write endlessly, get lost in the moment and
find out that you 've written half a book of  
 'Me, Myself and I and oh my family pet!?!@*%?

The question is:
What captures you reader's attention?

You are one in almost 200million bloggers out there,
Never mind just trying to be found, you are 
'the needle in a haystack in pile of
thousand stack's  
unless you know a thing or two about SEOs

                 That's why you have to invite followers...Duh! (LOL!)
                      But now that you've got followers.....
                              ' What da heck are you talking about?'
                 NOTE: Why should I come read your blah..blah..blogs 
                         when I'm too busy catching  up writing my own blogs? 
                           (Well sometimes other blogs are more fun to read of course!   ahemm..again the funny little things that go through my head haha!)

I know i know, these are way too many questions and it's probably
'annoying' the heck out of you! You're probably thinking two thing:
Why can't I just blog in peace?
                                                  Why do I have to please my audience?

                    That's totally up to you! 
                    It's all about what outcome you want out of blogging.
                      But if it's so ANNOYING, why is your eyes GLUED to my MESSAGE?
                                               Why have you read this far?
                                  Notice how I got your eyes jumping around this page
                                    (even with all  the grammatical errors hehe)
                                  Perhaps maybe I may know a little something?....
                                                                    to be continued tomorrow!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Get More Follower LUV Tips!

My site design is just about done and I'm well pleased with my garden! 
Lots of LUV to mydesigner 'April' whom I'm gonna dedicate my 
first blog to in just a while.
While I go ahead and finish up the rest of the contents, 
I will give you more LUV Tips for patiently waiting for me!
More Tips on Following:

Remember, it's all about the LUV! 
(To learn more about how I got 200 followers in 4 days, 
ask for a special invite to my Secret Garden of Following 'LUV' Tips.  
Leave a comment and email me!)

               1. Only Follow Current active Bloggers anyone inactive 
               for more than2 months are most likely not going to 
               blog for a while let alone follow. 
               But if you find they can use some encouragement, 
               leave a nice comment and Share the LUV! 
               You might just make their day! 
               Trust me, I know that would do it for me! 

              2.  Leave comments where it’s due! I’ve heard this is a 
               great way to be found on search engines. 
               Make it sincere or if you don’t 
               know what to say just say ‘hello’!

               3.  STUDY their Sites: Pay attention to how you feel when 
               you visit.  See what attracts you, what turns you off, 
               how they are making money. 
               You can learn a whole lot if you keep your eyes 
               and mind open. You might just make some 
               money with this fun hobby. 

    Come back real soon for more BLOG Luv Tips!  
    (wanna know what 'LUV' means? Come visit my Secret Garden, 
    ask for invite and email me!)

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    How to get 200 FOLLOWERS in 4 Days!

    OK so you've got a blog!

                              Soooo WHAT? 
                                  Then WHAT? 
                                     WHO CARES? 
    LOL, Those are the exact funny thoughts that ran through my mind.

    Here I am killing time while I wait for my blog design to be completed!
     (great reason to procrastinate my blogging haha!)

    Anyways, might as well share something that 
    might be important to my new followers!  
    (after all, that's what I'm here to do is share)
    Time to share some 'Blog LOVE'...  

                                                         Are you READY?

    Feb.19th, 2011 was the date I decided to blog again!

    As you can see, there's really just 3 or 4 pages with content in this site 
    since then!

    Out of those 2 weeks, I put in 4 days to get 200 Followers
    Generally, they say it takes '5yrs of Blogging to get 200 Followers.'
    How did I do it?

    What did I do to get 200 Follower in those 4 days?

    That's about 50 Followers a Day. IF you keep doing it
    you'll have 1000 Followers in no time!
    My very first blog back in 2008, which was up for 3yrs (not much done on it) 
    had only 4 followers! LOL!  (It's ok because I didn't really care then. I just blogged for therapeutical purposes.)

    This time  I feel my blog will be worth sharing
    so I decided to put some time into it.

    The question is... IS Your BLOG worth sharing?
                                   Could you use MORE Followers?
    I've got ADD, I lack attention hehe... Who better to ask how 
    to get BLOG attention than me right?

    What I did was experimental and quite simple...
                                   I have 3 Tips to Getting FOLLOWERS

    And NOPE I'm NOT Selling it to you!
    I am SHARING it with you!

    There's no catch. Ok well there's just a favor. LOL!

    You could FOLLOW Me here and while you're are it go ahead and smother me
    with LUV and also subscribe to my FEEDS. (WOW that would be AWESOME!)

    BUT Either one is good!
           I just ask to Return the LOVE!

           That's one of the 3 Tip is to RETURN THE LOVE!

    So comment here if you'd like the article mailed to you.
    NOTE: I only SHARE to those who LOVE Back! (Ok so it's conditional after all... LOL)
                     So go ahead...
                                   Get more Followers!
           Comment Below and I'll RETURN the LOVE and Follow you also!
    (Notice, this post will be up for a while until my site is well-done! And in the meantime, I'm still experimenting online so that I can SHARE more LUV with you guys!)

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Almost done with the page!

    It won't be long 'til my beautiful garden is in it's full bloom

    where you can all come and visit and dig into my mind!

    (or what's left of it.. LOL!)

    I'm excited.. it's been way too long already.

    "Hey April (my designing diva), you'd get your job done much faster if you didn't take on all the other projects! 
    Just kidding luv!"

    I know, i know... perfection takes time that's why we
    are coming to you hopefully Monday!  
    Come back real soon!

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    What's with ALL the CRAZY Posts??

    I looked at my blogs this morning and
    I realized how messed up it looks.
    Don't mind all the crazy posts... we are still designing and
    getting all the layouts done.
    Which shouldn't take too long right April???
    (that's my beautiful designer!)

    So in the meantime, leave it up 
    come back in a little bit!

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Advertising and Sponsorship


    Speaking Engagements

    Speaking Engagements
    (Schedule coming soon! )

    Email Me!

    Email me, email me, but don't write me a long love letter please~


    Hold on to your seat!
    Coz there's a lot of treats coming!
    Coming soon!

    meanwhile go visit


    Coming soon!

    meanwhile go visit


    Coming soon!

    meanwhile go visit

    Contest Rules

    Coming soon!

    meanwhile go visit

    The Dare Challenge

    Coming soon!

    meanwhile go visit

    Top 10 List

    Coming soon!

    meanwhile go visit

    Current Projects!

    A Glimpse of my new ebook
    at my latest blogsite

    Upcoming Events

    Coming soon
    April 1st, 2012

    June 29th, 2012

    My Battle with ADD!

    So Okay I disappear now and then because I can't seem to FOCUS!
    But each time that I get distracted, life gets even more interesting
    and there seems to be a lesson attached to all my actions.
    with even more experiences and more to 

    Of course it's all in my attitude!
    Yes I do get discouraged, I am after all human too
    but when I use one of those little 
    SECRET weapon
    I immediately understand that everything I do is 
    Every ACTION can either BREAK me or MAKE me!
    (I choose the latter of course)

    I choose to fight back each time and I'm not always sure why but eventually
    I start to see the bigger picture!
    Every negative action becomes a positive learning experience and this is how I get up each time.

    So whatever negative forces that come against me to try and bring me down...
    I certainly hope he is saying to himself or herself....

    You can read my ebook in my other blog coming soon at
    Divalicious Diaries

    The LIST!

    The Next Thing on My List: A NovelCall me CRAZY.... Coincidence or NOT?

    We all have what I call "Life Triggers!"

    Imagine someone holding a GUN pointing at your head and telling you that you must
    do that ONE thing you promised to do in LIFE or you're DEAD!

    That's exactly how I felt when I was 'introduced' to this book!

    I felt as if someone was holding a gun to my head reminding me to FINISH my LIST!!!
    (No I'm not promoting this book... as a matter of fact, I haven't even read the whole book yet and it's been over a year)

    I've been so careless that I almost lost it only to find out that I dropped it at my in-law's sofa which hid in between the cushions for a while.

    YES even at gunpoint I can be so stubborn at times that I decided to lend the book to a friend just so I can forget about it for a while.
    Then just last month she finally returned it after almost a year and once again...
    it's in my FACE and I knew I couldn't keep running away or I might as well DIE!!!


    Because like I love to say....
    "When you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you are automatically in the process of becoming the person you don't want to be"
    Therefore I may as well be dead right?

    This MAGICAL BOOK is one of my inspirations for finishing up my BUCKET LIST!
    Call it 'The SECRET', call it a 'COSMIC Wonder!'
    Call it 'FREAKY Coincidence'...
    but I cannot DENY the feelings I got from the message it brought to me.
    Of course it can only be SPECIAL to ME because it happened to ME!!!
    (story will be in my new blogsite www.divaliciousdiaries.com )

    But nonetheless... it happened and I CANNOT keep ignoring it anymore!

    Well...like some of you are probably asking...

    "What's in it Dare Diva and why is it so important to you? 
    Can you SHARE?"

    Well you don't need to point a gun at me (lol)... of course I can!

    And I'll even go as far as SHARING some of that BUCKET LIST with you.

    come back here often and see my list grow...

    1. Finish this DareDiva website
    2. Launch Divalicious Diaries
    and more.....

    The Dare Diva

    Well HEY...It's about time you got here!
    Welcome to my Playground thanks for stopping by!
     Stay awhile, don't be in a hurry because 
    I have a real interesting story to SHARE.....
    BE CAREFUL : You might just enjoy it and be hooked!  
    (I sure hope so!) 

    Before I start...here's crazy question.....

    Do you have a 'LICENSE to BLOG?'

    I Certainly Do! (hehe)
    You are probably asking..
    Why a 'License to Blog Dare Diva?'

    Well... the Internet is after all an Electronic SUPER Highway and you are one of the many drivers out there! I think people should have licenses to blog...Hehehe..
    There would be less traffic!
    But seriously... there's way toooooo many bloggers out there popping out of nowhere with a lot of
    blah blahs. I for one would hate to be considered a blah blah blagger and I probably am one!(yikes)

    But as you read through my pages, you will understand my reason for blogging.
    NOPE it's not ONLY for Self-Pleasure or a ME ME, Oh Poor ME Blog!

    I BLOG as a Mission!
    I like to think I've got super powers..Lol..Lol!

    What is that Mission Dare Diva????

    Here, let's take a closer look and learn more about the DARING and SHARING Dare Diva...

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Let's TAKE A Commercial BREAK! My Blog is getting ready for Colors!

    And The Lord said....

    LEt's make this Poor Little Soul
    a little GARDEN that she can tend
    and keep her out of TROUBLE!!!!

    It's coming SOON... tonight maybe!

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    The iPhone's Hidden Message - Part 3

    I fought with my BFF and flew off the handle.
    Because I felt she had DONE exactly what others had done to me in the past
    concerning my ideas and projects.
    Except I had NO control over the other situations!
    We didn't know each other! LOL!

    However this one time I did have total control because it was her!
    But I totally LOST control of my emotions

    So I Let it words FLY Carelessly like I had done with my iPhone as
    I flung the bedsheets to fix the bed.

    I couldn’t believe it!
    After telling her how everyone in the world are doing all the ideas
    which I was suppose to be doing but couldn’t because of who knows what...
    'all the P-Words ‘Procrastination, Perfection but I would rather blame it on
    my ADD'.
    I blame everything on my ADD! (Well isn’t that just dandy!)

    This time, I couldn’t accept the fact that now it was HER!
    Someone I had confided in,
    someone I trusted and mentored all this time!

    Although down deep I cared for her success and want the best for her
    I was just shocked and felt betrayed which I guess is quite humanly.

    But after the emotional roller-coaster
    At least I knew I cared enough for her to tell her how I felt.
    I could’ve done the opposite and just let it go and felt resentment afterwards.

    And when things petered down,

    I realized that I wasn’t really angry at her at all,
    That I was actually happy for her but I was more angry at myself

    I felt envious because she moves like a bulldozer and can get things
    done in a week what would take me months to do because of my so called ADD. (Hahaha there I go again.)

    It’s not easy being A Distracted Diva (ADD hahaha that’s just making it sound better!)

    All kidding aside, she had been instrumental in helping me focus lately.
    But most of all she has been compassionate towards my problem.
    She knows all my ups and downs, my successes and failures.

    She also has been there to witness all the miraculous signs that drive me
    To the completion of my projects.
    And she had been faithful and trustful to all my actions because she too
    cannot deny the power of FAITH and believing in divine interventions
    to lead us back to our personal missions.

    There were exactly SEVEN instances that this happened!
    ALL of WHich mattered more than the other projects!

    Ha, I just realized as I wrote that above, I just remembered the SEVENTH SIGN movie!
    (Hmm I wonder what 7th sign means? Perhaps nothing)

    To be continued….