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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dare Diva

Well HEY...It's about time you got here!
Welcome to my Playground thanks for stopping by!
 Stay awhile, don't be in a hurry because 
I have a real interesting story to SHARE.....
BE CAREFUL : You might just enjoy it and be hooked!  
(I sure hope so!) 

Before I start...here's crazy question.....

Do you have a 'LICENSE to BLOG?'

I Certainly Do! (hehe)
You are probably asking..
Why a 'License to Blog Dare Diva?'

Well... the Internet is after all an Electronic SUPER Highway and you are one of the many drivers out there! I think people should have licenses to blog...Hehehe..
There would be less traffic!
But seriously... there's way toooooo many bloggers out there popping out of nowhere with a lot of
blah blahs. I for one would hate to be considered a blah blah blagger and I probably am one!(yikes)

But as you read through my pages, you will understand my reason for blogging.
NOPE it's not ONLY for Self-Pleasure or a ME ME, Oh Poor ME Blog!

I BLOG as a Mission!
I like to think I've got super powers..Lol..Lol!

What is that Mission Dare Diva????

Here, let's take a closer look and learn more about the DARING and SHARING Dare Diva...

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