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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Battle with ADD!

So Okay I disappear now and then because I can't seem to FOCUS!
But each time that I get distracted, life gets even more interesting
and there seems to be a lesson attached to all my actions.
with even more experiences and more to 

Of course it's all in my attitude!
Yes I do get discouraged, I am after all human too
but when I use one of those little 
SECRET weapon
I immediately understand that everything I do is 
Every ACTION can either BREAK me or MAKE me!
(I choose the latter of course)

I choose to fight back each time and I'm not always sure why but eventually
I start to see the bigger picture!
Every negative action becomes a positive learning experience and this is how I get up each time.

So whatever negative forces that come against me to try and bring me down...
I certainly hope he is saying to himself or herself....

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