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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's time to CELEBRATE LIFE!

Wonder what I've been up to?

Well that ONE thing that's most important to me is about to launch.

Hubby has been away for a while and things had to be pushed aside.
Plus the many b-day lunches and dinners has finally slowed down and I'm
just about to pop out a new and improved muffin-top lol!
 Dang it, can too much love from friends  really be this fattening?
Anyways, that should go away when I get back on my program.

My sons got me an ice-cream cake from DQ with a funny print on top and a #1 candle (but hey, it's what's inside that counts. They're quite funny boys)
So I'm loving my new age so far.... and my new hairdo or new look isn't to shabby lol! :)

But ya, I've been quite preoccupied with my projects and yes the
distractions came and guess what? .... I welcomed it with open arms!! :)
What's life without fun and entertainment as long as it's good for the soul!

So my 90- Days Challenge to a NEW ME is here and I'm just about ready to burst
with excitement but first I have to prepare for the ambiance and put on a heck of a party!

I love parties and I'm a firm believer that 'LIFE should be CELEBRATED' every chance we get!
I found early in life that I love to decorate parties ever since I can remember. This is due to my artsy-fartsy nature lol! I love to CREATE!

As part of my going backwards in order to go forward in my Journey to Becoming... "MASTER of ONE"...
I discovered once again one of my many passions by fluke!!!

And it was a wonderful fluke! (Just like my hair color was a fluke but loving it now!)

For some of my friends, they must be saying...

"Lol! That's not new to us Dare Diva!"

It's true that I've always been into event planning or party decors since I can remember.
It's just recently that it suddenly fell back on my lap.

I just know that it's more of a hobby and it's not my FIRST LOVE!
So going into partnership with a dear friend was the way to go.

As a matter of fact, the best way to have my projects go forward is to have partners
manage them for me or with me.
Anyhooo... what better way to launch every darn great project than with a bang!
LEt's go at em! You can now preview ONE of my NEW Project @ www.CelebrationsGarden.com

Now to prepare for my Garden Party!