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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

End of 'Fortifying ONE!'

So I've got another 'year' tucked under my belt!
 (more like an extra inch to my muffintop hahaha!!!)

Last year I told myself I would focus on just ONE thing
as I turn 41.
My genius of a niece (won't name names cos I have many but she knows who she is)
suggested that I theme my year and call it the
" FORTIFYING ONE" which rhymes with Forty-ONE (like i said, genius!)

Knowing that I have ADD and all, she gave me that DARE!
Well, the Dare Diva would never pass on such an amazing DARE!
And I did that ONE thing and it made all the DIFFERENCE!

I had never been so FOCUSED in all my life. Yes I fell off the wagon
now and then but because I took that DARE, I kept my promise
and now I'm on the path to 'becoming' me!

Today marks the day when I can reflect on that ONE thing.

IF I forget to do any of the other projects or never fulfill any of the other
goals in my life... I can DIE knowing I've done that ONE IMPORTANT thing!

Anyways, I will share that ONE thing another day, another blog.

But yes...
It's time to work on "FORTIFYING TWO"