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Friday, February 28, 2014

Project 219: Day 14- Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part2)

I love my husband but I'm starting to think he is trying to kill me!!!! (Kidding)

Yes he does smother me with sweets and chocolates and lets just add food to that!
If he's not making a huge breakfast, he takes me out for breakfast
and lunch and dinners on a date regularly. 
He brings me back cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory on his travels to the USA
cos we don't have the magical restaurant here in Montreal.
Lately, he's been making gourmet cheesecake for me at home. 
And they are delish!!!
He is the sweetest guy I know and he spoils me.

I love him and all that he does for me...
But I don't think he realizes that he is slowly killing me!

Sweets is my kryptonite!

I can't function with or without it.
What am I gonna do???

This morning was very tough again, feeling all the discomforts from neck and shoulder pain.
Lacking more sleep but nevertheless better than most nights.

Hubby was kind enough to move around gently in the room to get ready for work.
However as he was leaving he suggested I let some light into the room.
I wasn't ready to get up.
I planned on being in bed till noon lol!
But I knew that its too much time wasted.
 I agreed, I had to sit up, get up, and move but didn't :)

So I went back to sleep for 30mins and that's plenty to add to my sleep deprivation experience lately.
Every minute of sleep counts.
 I need to get better physically! 
And sleep and rest is the answer.

I woke up, got on the phone, took care of a little bit of business.
Our conversation was very productive and went into the 'heart of the matter'
We discussed about going back into the 'core' and following our heart's passion.
It's amazing how productive and accomplished you can get when you are 'truthful'
We now have a better direction because there's a bit more clarity in our roles.

So I got off the bed feeling like I can take on the day. 
Had lunch and went back to my room and thought to finally let the sunlight in as Joe suggested.
And this is what I saw on my headboard as I opened the curtains.

(Kryptonite: maybe hubby was only trying to make me weak so that I stay still and heal.)

My husband has probably done this too many times and hid chocolates in obvious places
But I always manage to forget and I get surprised each time lol!
Now that's a benefit to being forgetful I guess :)

(Daily Dare: Kryptonite or weaknesses holds me back for a reason. It's there to help me determine if all my strength is necessary and worth the effort for the following journey)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project 219: Day 10- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 5)

This post is a day late, I was sick and busy yesterday lol!
It's crazy but 'busy' is actually what's made me sick lately.
That's why blogging is so essential to help me write down my thoughts
and reflect on my day's purpose. Reflection the title of a Disney song ones to mind.
I just love Disney's Princess movies and the music.

One of my favorite songs 'Reflection' speaks loudly to me as I ponder
on how I've been struggling with my thoughts lately.
I decided to listen to the song through YouTube and I thought I'd listen to the lyrics.

I will not do anything ever again if my heart is not in it! 
It all depends on what that is of course.

Being me, ALL of me and not trying to be what I think people want me to be is not easy. 
So the song is very fitting right now and there is no turning back. 
It's gonna be one heck of a journey or a show
And the online world is a wide open playground and stage free for all so.....
I'm gonna play again :)
 Unfortunately no returns or refunds!
If in the process I can affect and inspire at least 
one or two people from my blogging, it would be priceless.

Let's get started!!!

(Daily Dare: Follow my heart and it will lead me to my destiny)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project 219: Day 9- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 4)

I love to go barefoot as much as possible.
 But only when my floor is cleaned and mopped thoroughly!
So today I'm all barefoot and happy!

There's something about a clean, organized home.
It feels serene, refreshed and my mind is free to create.
I spent the whole morning just trying to tidy up and I'm already in the 
spring cleaning mode but I have to stop myself from going crazy!

I decided that Mondays and Thursdays will be my cleaning days and will spend the day 
writing, planning and getting in-tune with my purpose.

I've never felt so relaxed and so inspired since I started this blog. 
There's something so magical about being home.
Lately it feels good to be home!
Home physically and home mentally/emotionally with what feels like my true destiny.
Creativity is what I seek!
I miss it!!!
I hate to be normal, I want to be myself  and be home again.

Or maybe I'm just happy I can be barefoot again!
Can't wait to put more meat into my blogs :)

True-North Thursdays 
(Daily Dare: I'm gonna be me no matter how silly that may be)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 219: Day 8- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 3)

I had the most PainFuL and AwkWard massage today!

It was a bit wacky and weird but I'm sure it's going to be effective, I can feel it!
It's not the normal, ah-feels-so-good relaxing massage that you never want to end.
It's called cupping massage and what I call the ... 
" Ouchhhhh get your hands off me!!!" 
Yep torture!
I've had this excruciating pinched nerve from my shoulders that goes through my arms
which keeps me up at night on top of my insomnia. Geeewhizz!!! 
Surprisingly, I don't feel it too much when I do Zumba or when I'm working out 
But when I'm in bed, it shoots at me like the annoying FB  invites!!!

Yes like a Facebook game or event invite. 
If you've got over4.5K friends, you've got a lot of gamers inviting you to all kinds of events and games.

Speaking of Facebook invites and why so many friends....

My sons used to think I was a little weird and wacky accepting all kinds of friend request.
They also thought my blogging was weird. Lol, I don't blame them :)

But little do they know that there's a method to my madness.
Now that my youngest son is studying International Business in University,
he is starting to understand that method through marketing courses.
Yep Mom is a little weird! 

Seriously though,
what's life without the W's???
Weird, Whimsy, Wacky and Wild???

Sorry but No ReTurns or Refunds on choosing your MOM!
Shoulda chosen better before you came to earth!!! Lol!

This is my Wacky Wednesdays and it's one of my favorite days of the week where anything goes

(Daily Dare: have a little fun and be a little wacky cos life is serious enough and no one like a boring friend!)

Project 219: Day 7- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 2)

Feeling much better today except for the lingering scratchy throat and the grogginess.
Still... I really don't want to miss Zumba tonight so I decide that I will rest for the day and continue
planning and preparing my blogs in advance.

This is going to be my Terrific Tuesday blog!

This morning the question of "what to eat for breakfast" was little lesson in 'decision making 101'
I was thinking of many things to eat, and if I sum it all up... It becomes a huge buffet! 

One thing I recall about the importance of making plans or deciding early is that I can make better choices instead of just doing anything.
This morning I had an idea of what I would have for breakfast and I decided that it would be a healthy choice.
Then I went into the kitchen and Hubby offers to make me all sorts of stuff.
I declined immediately and remembered to stick with my plan.

It's true what they say about making your plans or someone else will make it for you.
So if you make the decisions early and stick with it, you're on your way to success.
Decisions. Decisions...No returns, no refunds lol!

(Daily Dare: Make a decision to stick with your plan and you'll feel terrific all day long)

Today's project list: Plan Menus, plan my blog titles in advance, plan my week

Project 219: Day 6- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 1)

I thought getting back into blogging was a synch but I am falling behind and realize that blogging on  weekends is not easy!

First there was Friday of which I was sick all day.
Blogging was fine, I had to delete, delete, delete!
Saturday was a friend 's wedding which was I  busy, busy, busy! 
Sunday was church meetings and after the meeting was another meeting.

So heck Mondays are like weekends for me. I gotta love Mondays and look forward to it!

Yes I'm the complete opposite of the crowd and it doesn't mean I have a better life or I'm more privileged. It's just the way it is and has been.
While others can't stand Mondays... I've always loved Mondays!

 Perhaps because all my adult life I was a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and loved it when the kids finally went back to school lol! No joke :)

Nothing's changed, I love my quiet time on Mondays.
My Mondays truly mattered.
It was my night to prepare Mexican Mondays, my days to plan, to clean, to be home and do the homey stuff. 
However that hasn't happened in a while and I'm trying to get back my old Monday routines.
Blogging helps me remember these things. I become an organized freak and I miss that!

My Mondays Mattered.

I really believe that as a woman with the many roles we have... we need to set aside that one day to ourselves and make ourselves matter. Especially as a mom, when we don't matter...
Everything is in chaos!

I want my Mondays back!

So yesterday I looked forward to today and 
I had a million things planned but...

I've come down with body aches, headaches and soar throat!

(Daily Dare: The day can only get as bad as we perceive it. Make the best of it)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Project 219: Day 5: Thank God for Mirrors...who's gonna tell me that I look like CwAp! (Part 2)

Now I did learn a thing or two about my public image and how we sometimes put out a certain front of how we want to be perceived.
We never really post any bad photos of us online if we can help it right?
(It helps when you keep yourself untaggable hehe)
It's become almost like a popularity contest or for some it's almost a modeling magazine lol!
C'mon let's face it, it's kind of funny. 
I love seeing myself through other people and I have a good laugh :)

I clearly get it!!!  I understand! It's ok, we're all humans and we want to count :)

I know that one of the dangers of being a diva, you think you gotta look a certain way.
But really... I'm very versatile and carefree with my image. 
Most of the time I'm just very casual and even lazy to dress up. (although my closet will tell you otherwise with clothes exploding with unworn clothes and tags still on them.)

Just the other day I walked out in my houseclothes with my top worn inside-out. (Knowingly) Lol!
I've always been comfortable being me, very simple and still can't put proper makeup.
No pretense but yes preferably in pumps and heeled boots. 
Nonetheless down to earth! 

(Daily Dare: If no one will tell me how I look like, there's always the mirror and how I view myself that counts!)

Project 219: Day 4- Thank God for Mirrors...who's gonna tell me that I look like CwAp! Lol! (Part 1)

Just because I think I look great, it doesn't mean that I am. 
Or am I???
Well that's all in the belief system isn't it?

If Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder so then we are all beautiful in someone's eyes.
Why do I randomly bring this up?
Because I see beauty in many things. I like to think I'm a silent artist just admiring all sorts of
stuff out there. One thing I'm finding about me that's really an annoyance lately is the
attention to details. 
Sometimes I see the daily 'selfies' that are regularly posted up and I can't help but wonder
why some just loves to put so much of themselves up.
I appreciate the self-love and confidence that some of us have 
but I have to admit that I really don't think some of the photos that are posted 
does that person justice. It's just not appealing and yet, the person just puts multiple shots.

So I have to wonder and can't help but ask the question:

"If in my opinion this person looks ridiculous, then perhaps many people feel the same about me?" 
Then I laugh at myself and quickly tell myself to not care. Lol!

A few days ago I was feeling so'cwappy' physically from my ongoing insomnia 
and so it reflected in my appearance. 
I walked pass my closet mirror and voila... 
my shirt was on inside-out, my hair was a mess and I was not planning on washing my face and brushing my hair all day.

 Thought to myself...
Who cares no one will see me anyways??

I walked towards the kitchen and yelled at Jordan who happened to be home studying for mid-term exams. 
"Can you pls go get us lunch?"
Yep it was a lazy day and I finally convinced him to get us Harvey's burger trio, my favorite burger
in the burger fast food zoo. 
Love their pickles.

So we had lunch along with Alex who came home for lunch to get ready for school too. 

Nobody noticed my shirt inside-out, I left it as is to see if they'd notice and they didn't care.

They don't mind if I look like a mess because they're used to seeing their
mommy being in sweats or in her pj's many times.

(Daily Dare: Have comfort that no one really cares how you look! Be comfortable but don't be ba slob)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Project 219: Day 3-When NO ONE Really Cares - Blog anyways! (Part 3)

So if no one gives a 'crap' about you... Then who should???

So yes I fell off the darn blogging tree again and off the face of this earth.
But I was never gone!!!
I just planted the seed and hid awhile in order to grow my roots deeper and stronger. 
If I had lost followers then it's how it should be.
One of the reasons I stopped blogging was because I lost my sense of purpose.
I got carried away with the "Me" world!
I may have given a superficial image and seemed 'self-absorbed' and I agree that it's easy to fall into what I call a'Hollywood-symptom" trap. 
We all want to be stars lol!

Perhaps we've been programmed to become 'self-absorbed'! 
Heck I'm an owner of the "Ipad, iPhones" it's all about me right?
Let's face it, we all have a voice, we want to matter and to belong and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on....will give us that venue.

Over the past 5 yrs and no-thanks to media and internet, I've noticed we've moved from the  'information' age to 'attention' age. 
It's become "About me, myself and I"

 It's a good thing that I'm also very self-reflective and I can be honest with myself. 
 I look deep within whenever I lose my sense of identity. 
I pull out of the picture, I reflect and I humble myself and look for my true self.
Now that's a new talent that I can be proud about :)

It's funny because lm not usually the type to care if people give a 'CwAp' 
but as a normal human being, a small part of me still does. 
However that small part is insignificant and incomparable to how I feel about myself.

I know exactly who I am and my foundation is deeply rooted in the important places.
So here I am again... blogging :)

(Today's Daily Dare: Finding strength by looking deep within and moving forward.)

Project 219: Day 2- When NO ONE Really Cares - Blog anyways! (Part 2)

But why blah blah blog again???

Blogging is my way of being creative and following through with my projects
Today, I've become more focused but most importantly
more determined. 
So blogging is my way of accomplishing my OWN Dares.
I noticed that I had more drive and direction when I had a timeline.
219 is the number of days.

Why 219?
It just is. And I will share that special number when the right time comes 
Project 219 is my reminder to Share because I Care

My biggest wish from this blog project is to see growth, to transform 
and then to inspire.
I believe in faith and hope and I'm grateful for second, third and many chances. 
I love this picture I grabbed from Pinterest cos it sets the tone for my new beginnings.

It reminds me of the lessons I learned in my garden. We all need to go through
pain for growth. And pardon my lack of eloquence right now but to put it boldly...
even 'cwap' (in fertilizer) helps speeds up growth lol!

So you can say I've been through 'cwap' lol! 

Lessons in my garden#1: In order to grow to our full potential...We need 'crap' or 'cwap' lol! 

(My Daily Dare: While looking at The Finish Line, I need to see how I will be celebrating it)

Project 219: Day 1- When NO ONE Really Cares - Blog anyways! (Part 1)

Facebook is a great liar.... it says my audience misses me and it's been a month since my last post!

I have not posted for almost 2 yrs but I'll take that lie anytime
just to get started with blogging again.
This time it's going to be a little different 
I call it 
consisting of 219 Days starting today!
(2/19 = February, 19)

So it's been 2 yrs since I blogged here. 
I feel refreshed after abandoning one of my passions (blogging)
and taking the time to re-create myself.
A lot has changed since I let The Dare Diva take a break.
I believe that I've managed to help her BECOME a more defined 
character who has more to share and blog about.
Some may say...
"Oh Heck NOT AGAIN!"
And the hard fact is that No ONE Really Cares...
So I say BLOG Anyways!
This is the beauty of the internet...
There's information, there's garbage and there's...
The Dare Diva. 

to be continued...

(Daily Dare: Today I'm creating my personal GPS and envisioning the end of Day 219)