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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Project 219: Day 4- Thank God for Mirrors...who's gonna tell me that I look like CwAp! Lol! (Part 1)

Just because I think I look great, it doesn't mean that I am. 
Or am I???
Well that's all in the belief system isn't it?

If Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder so then we are all beautiful in someone's eyes.
Why do I randomly bring this up?
Because I see beauty in many things. I like to think I'm a silent artist just admiring all sorts of
stuff out there. One thing I'm finding about me that's really an annoyance lately is the
attention to details. 
Sometimes I see the daily 'selfies' that are regularly posted up and I can't help but wonder
why some just loves to put so much of themselves up.
I appreciate the self-love and confidence that some of us have 
but I have to admit that I really don't think some of the photos that are posted 
does that person justice. It's just not appealing and yet, the person just puts multiple shots.

So I have to wonder and can't help but ask the question:

"If in my opinion this person looks ridiculous, then perhaps many people feel the same about me?" 
Then I laugh at myself and quickly tell myself to not care. Lol!

A few days ago I was feeling so'cwappy' physically from my ongoing insomnia 
and so it reflected in my appearance. 
I walked pass my closet mirror and voila... 
my shirt was on inside-out, my hair was a mess and I was not planning on washing my face and brushing my hair all day.

 Thought to myself...
Who cares no one will see me anyways??

I walked towards the kitchen and yelled at Jordan who happened to be home studying for mid-term exams. 
"Can you pls go get us lunch?"
Yep it was a lazy day and I finally convinced him to get us Harvey's burger trio, my favorite burger
in the burger fast food zoo. 
Love their pickles.

So we had lunch along with Alex who came home for lunch to get ready for school too. 

Nobody noticed my shirt inside-out, I left it as is to see if they'd notice and they didn't care.

They don't mind if I look like a mess because they're used to seeing their
mommy being in sweats or in her pj's many times.

(Daily Dare: Have comfort that no one really cares how you look! Be comfortable but don't be ba slob)

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