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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Project 219: Day 2- When NO ONE Really Cares - Blog anyways! (Part 2)

But why blah blah blog again???

Blogging is my way of being creative and following through with my projects
Today, I've become more focused but most importantly
more determined. 
So blogging is my way of accomplishing my OWN Dares.
I noticed that I had more drive and direction when I had a timeline.
219 is the number of days.

Why 219?
It just is. And I will share that special number when the right time comes 
Project 219 is my reminder to Share because I Care

My biggest wish from this blog project is to see growth, to transform 
and then to inspire.
I believe in faith and hope and I'm grateful for second, third and many chances. 
I love this picture I grabbed from Pinterest cos it sets the tone for my new beginnings.

It reminds me of the lessons I learned in my garden. We all need to go through
pain for growth. And pardon my lack of eloquence right now but to put it boldly...
even 'cwap' (in fertilizer) helps speeds up growth lol!

So you can say I've been through 'cwap' lol! 

Lessons in my garden#1: In order to grow to our full potential...We need 'crap' or 'cwap' lol! 

(My Daily Dare: While looking at The Finish Line, I need to see how I will be celebrating it)

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