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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project 219: Day 10- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 5)

This post is a day late, I was sick and busy yesterday lol!
It's crazy but 'busy' is actually what's made me sick lately.
That's why blogging is so essential to help me write down my thoughts
and reflect on my day's purpose. Reflection the title of a Disney song ones to mind.
I just love Disney's Princess movies and the music.

One of my favorite songs 'Reflection' speaks loudly to me as I ponder
on how I've been struggling with my thoughts lately.
I decided to listen to the song through YouTube and I thought I'd listen to the lyrics.

I will not do anything ever again if my heart is not in it! 
It all depends on what that is of course.

Being me, ALL of me and not trying to be what I think people want me to be is not easy. 
So the song is very fitting right now and there is no turning back. 
It's gonna be one heck of a journey or a show
And the online world is a wide open playground and stage free for all so.....
I'm gonna play again :)
 Unfortunately no returns or refunds!
If in the process I can affect and inspire at least 
one or two people from my blogging, it would be priceless.

Let's get started!!!

(Daily Dare: Follow my heart and it will lead me to my destiny)

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