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Friday, March 23, 2012

This is really disturbing me!

This is really disturbing me!
I have been thinking about this for some time and i will finally do it!

I haven't answered to any of my new  Facebook friends request lately for a few reasons.
 I am busy  physically doing some SPRING CLEANING and I will
go ahead and also do a  Spring e-cleaning (electronically) and e-screening!

So yes... Its time to ask for a favor so I am going to ask a few
people on my FB friends list for a
 'believe it or not'...
 'Friends DELETION Request'!

That's right,  I'm Cleaning up real good!
They say that
"In order to be happy, keep the good energies around you and 
get rid of the negative people in your life!"

LOL...Which one are you???

I've been conducting a few little test with some people on my
friends list over a few months. (This is not excluding family and close friends)

Being a blogger and a media face, Facebook has  
surprisingly helped in so many dimensions
in the direction of my new career choice.

I've also witnessed many successful transformations closely in my
friends circle with the help of FAcebook!
That's right... Facebook is a powerful tool for 'transformation'!
I've got a lot of stories to tell about my own Facebook experience and where it's taken me!
Most of all, I'm inspired by studying how others are using this tool to make
positive changes for themselves and for others!

If you're one of them and you're reading this, YES... I've  been keeping a close eye on you guys and studying a few of you and I congratulate you!

Give yourself a big pat in the back!
You Rock!!!

On the downside...Yet there are those who are clueless to what I'm saying.

 During this whole Experience while trying to take  on my 'life's journey' to the next level...
I've found so many interesting yet 'disturbing' facts about Facebook as well as
the whole online community itself.

Here is the disturbingly ugly truth:
Lets face it.... 

We are merely FACES among groups of FRIENDS trying to feel IMPORTANT, ACCEPTED, and VALIDATED! -lol!

Ok so some of you are probably telling yourselves:  
" Oh really?... Thats not me!"
Hehehe... I can't speak for everyone...I guess it's only for the very few
drama queens or attention-seekers like myself of course!
I guess it comes with the territory of having ADD!
It can actually be a blessing! :D

So yes... You can learn a lot from other people's weaknesses!
 (particularly mine because I dare to Share it!)
April 1st at my new site sharing my experiences during my next 90 Days journey
on this new ebook I'm working on called:
 The Facebook Crook

 Visit www.Divaliciousdiaries.com

(yes while im cleaning up my facebook, the Dare Diva site is getting ready for spring gardening  so be a butterfly and come back real soon!)

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