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Monday, March 31, 2014

Project 219: Day 41 -When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 12)

Monday's are back to Mexican Mondays!!

It's our regular FHE (Family Home Evenings) on Monday nights where we try to eat altogether as a
family and spend time together and also discuss spiritual matters with our local missionaries.

Back when I was more organized and the kids were young I would prepare a lesson, an activity and refreshments.
Now Joe makes the desserts most of the time and I prepare dinner most if the time :)
Tonight he prepared a banana chocolate chip cheesecake and it was soooo delish!

Just recently Joe had pushed the Mexican Mondays back into our Monday nights. 
Now I have to come up with some new recipes other than Fajitas, Enchiladas and Tacos lol!
Thank goodness for the wonderful recipes on the internet. 
The key is to have them low-fat :)

Project 219: Day 40 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 11)


So now shopping at dep't stores aren't so bad now except for Friday. I decided to shop for a dress to wear at another Asian party. And yes they know how to dress classy. 
I still hate shopping at some degree and I was reminded of that when this older salesman or owner was trying hard to push a sale by just chatting up a storm. It was so annoying I felt like telling him to let me shop in peace! I'm assuming that some clients run from this store. I wanted to do him a favor  and tell him that his marketing technique was annoying and may be annoying to some people. But I just walked out because I had no time.
So I finally found something I like. A nice red dress that was on final sale that wouldn't break the bank. I had put on a medium to try and I wasn't happy. 
So I moved on and kept looking elsewhere. 2 more hrs passed and I was completely discouraged.

I thought about the red dress again and was bothered that it was a medium size.
So I went back because I wasn't gonna leave the place empty handed. I had to see that dress again
but this time I was determined to try a small size.

So there I was in the fitting room removing my coat, scarf, sweater and clothings with difficulty because of my injured shoulder.
I put the dress on very slowly and to my surprise it fit well and better than the medium size.
I told myself there was no way that I'm gonna allow myself to get big again. 
"I'm a size small now" lol!
So I felt very good and relieved that I didn't look fat.
Then it came time to take it off.
Putting it on was fine and bearable with my painful arm but removing it upwards
(Because it had no zipper) was hell.
I was in such excruciating pain as I tried to remove the dress that my head and arms were stuck 
for a good while. I was too embarrased to call the saleslady for help so I just stood there crunched over crying my eyes out. Lol!
What was I thinking?
It was even tough for me to lift my arm just to put my hair in a ponytail that morning and there I was struggling to take off a size small dress.

So with all the time wasted and hardships, I bought the dress and wire it Saturday night. 
Hubby was pleased and found me hot :)
Mission accomplished lol!

Sunday morning was full of snow again. Church was very good.
I enjoyed our Sunday school and Relief Society messages. Both insync with how
I was feeling lately. 
Being very tried and tested lately with physical as well as financial pains. It's all part if growth and 
the lessons taught in class were perfect examples of how to deal with trials and then how to get back up. So at times we experience these trials more than once and it's a reminder that sometimes a lesson needs to be relearned. It's ok... it passes.
But we always want to know the "when and how"
But it passes!

Project 219: Day 39 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 10)

Slept very well the night before and was well rested to teach Zumba in the morning
However to my surprise the church hall was full of scouting activities
Luckily we had an hour window of free time to use the gym and had the space we needed
I was excited to teach 3 new Zumba choreographies. 
It feels good to refresh.
This is part of my cleaning up.... New and Refreshed dances!

Something sad yet funny happened while shopping on Friday.

Im now reminded of how I used to hate clothes shopping locally at the malls and that's probably a good reason why online shopping became an addictive hobby quickly.
Here's my pet peeves about shopping
1. It's time consuming and very difficult to shop in the winter with the coat and excess clothings hanging on you and having to move from one department store to the next. It's a flippin workout!

2. I hate it when the saleslady comes and bothers me. Once a sales girl came to help (or so she thought) but instead was very rude and insulting. I told her how i don't like shopping because I didn't like how I looked when I tried the clothes on. She answered with: "Well it's probably because you don't know how to accessorize". Yes it was true but did she have to be so mean?

3. I hated that I couldn't fit in a smaller size. For the longest time I was a size 12 and sometimes I'd get lucky and pass for a size 10 at times depending on how the clothing is made. Being an Asian and going to so many parties seeing all these petite frames just made things feel worse. I felt obese!!!
 So it was no fun shopping trying to fit into these clothes. It felt more of a chore and I really didn't enjoy it. The only thing comfortable back then was casual clothes like sweats and big sweaters.

So looking back, it was hell trying to shop and trying to look good in these outfits.

It's only since 2008 that I saw a glimpse of my potential body again. Then I went into the yo-yo mode and tried to get back into that feel-good shape again.
2011 came around and it was going to be the beginning of a fat-girl's journey's end.
So I've kept it off for over 3 yrs. there are times when I would go up the scale but I know how to immediately release the weight again. 
It's become a new lifestyle and mindset to stay fit and healthy. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 219: Day 38 -When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 9)

More snow!!!
This morning my car was covered in more snow.
When will this end?

Anyways it was probably a good thing that it snowed.
I was so tempted to go to the gym today and I've made a promise to myself that I would just 
get my exercise from teaching Zumba and not over exert because of my bad shoulder.
I planned to just taking it easy the rest of the month and get back to the gym next month.
That's already next week yay!!!
But today I was soooo tempted and was justifying my wants
and told myself that 'I'm bored and being inactive can make my health worse'
which was partially true but come to think of it, I teach 4x a week. I kinda regret getting rid of
some classes but I had to for my well-being.
I'd prefer to teach or workout 2x/day but I just can't at the moment.u

I was speaking to a friend and my Zumba student about working out and how her body
looks for it. I related so well with her because aside from feeling guilty,
I feel really bored or tired when I don't do it.

Revisiting back 3+ years ago, I hated to work-out at the gyms or anywhere for that matter.
I hated sweating! It was boring, boring, boring!
Lol.. I couldn't sweat. 

Now I want and look forward to working out everyday and even when I feel like I'm dying 
I just go to Zumba and I come back to life!
Some people might think I'm obsessed with it but heck that's a great obsession to have!
I told myself that my fitness and health is on top of my priorities and followed through.
It's just fortunate that I found something I love.
And now I also love to use the machines and weights for toning.
I can't wait till next week!!!

(Daily Dare: getting obsessed with what you're passionate about
 can make life very pleasurable )

Project 219: Day 37 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 8)

So Thursday (yesterday) was terribly slow 
No much done, just laying low taking it easy
Still lots of pain in my shoulder and lost some sleep again so I was trying to rest all day
and worked on the other Albums for shutterfly.

Sorting out photos as cleaning it up is a big job
We live in a world of abundance and with today's technology we take hundreds more
pictures than we did when film was around.
There's just so much to distract us today.
Heck even just sorting out photos can take up a whole day.

We snap away and not think twice about the amount of work to go through them.
Well maybe some of us don't even look at them again.
Just the photos on my cel phone has over 3K
It's nuts!!!
Just cleaning that up takes forever.
We go on a lot of trips and I often sort out the thousands of photos that we come home with.
2013 was the killer!!!
Too many trips = too many photos.
I love creating my photobooks and designing them but the photo sorting just kills me.
I'm many photobooks behind and I swear I can probably make a living out of making photobooks
Heck I've seen some crazy expensive books and a friend of mine just told me that 
someone she knew cost her $400 for her 30 page photobook and you had to handle it with gloves
and she said it looked mediocre compared to mine lol!
I believed her because I've seen some other ones too and like my hubby says .. I have the eyes for
creativity and design. Now that's awesome to know that I've got a little bit of hidden talents right there lol!

Here's just a few 8x8 photobooks I've created not too long ago

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project 219: Day 36 -When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 7)

So Yesterday was a pretty good day.
Tiring but good!
I hope to have more days like that, busy doing special things.
I got both my Shutterfly books done...under pressure because of the special deadline.

I got my 2 choreographies done for Zumba
which I managed to pull off during classes.

I hope to just blog about accomplishments as I go along.
This is to see my progress and move in the right direction.
Being accountable keeps me in line and this is the best way to do it through blogging.
It's my way of returning and reporting.

Now onto more planning for my Spring Cleaning ...glad it's still doesn't feel like Spring 
so I can put if off for just a little while lol!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project 219: Day 35 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 6)

The List list list...

What a crazy day so far!
I write all kinds of things I'd like to do dor the day and I get at least half of it done!

Yes I over plan, I have high expected tigons for myself and I'm dying to nap but I know if I did just that
half of my day would begone just trying to get in 30mins.

So I decided just to stay up and move.

So I decided to choreograph at least 3 Zumba dances and it's very difficult when you're 
half asleep.
Then I gotta put in time for blogging as well while I cook.
I also have a deadline to meet for 2 Shutterfly photobook a due tomorrow
and I have not yet sorted out the photos.

Overwhelmed but at least I got 3 dance choreographies almost done.
I had one down pact but the other 2 are just hanging.
It will be done today though.

I never thought I could ever get started but sometimes you just gotta push yourself
beyond the limit at times. 

It's 4:34pm, my potroast is getting ready to bake I the oven and now I an shower
and sit while it's cooking and do my photobook.

That's another thing I love to do is create photobooks under pressure lol!
Same with Zumba, I create dances under pressure  and it's still enjoyable because 
I love it!

Reminder: Zumba at 6:20

We will see how far I get today :)

(Daily Dare: when I love to do something, it's easy push a little beyond my limit, it won't kill me)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Project 219: Day 34 -When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 5)

Last night I dreamt of my personal trainer in a very serious tone telling me that I should never count calories! I was very disturbed by what he said but at the same time I kinda felt as if I already knew
What he was talking about. 
I remember not wanting to argue and just wanting to know why he said what he said.
I had my own answers to the statement and then woke up!

Night dreaming has been a wonderful entertainment for me in the past and Lately I've been deprived of
that luxury because of insomnia and shoulder pains.
I've been thinking a lot about my health especially my diet which I feel is a huge contributor to my
pains. It's the sugar! 
I'm killing myself with too much sugar. 
Although I know that I will always burn off what I will put in,
the lack of sleep is counteractively adding to my stress and weight problem.
So far, my Zumba and my health products and supplements are keepin me alive... Thank God!
But in the back of my head, I can't be that lucky forever.

Why the dream???

Well, I don't watch much television but lately because I've been very laid back and still,
I sometimes have the tv on the talk shows just waiting to see what they have to say about health.

When Dr. Oz came on, I was in my bedroom when I heard him say the words...
"Don't ever count calories again!"

I hurried to the living room and thought: "What da Heck?!?"

Now I was glued to Dr. Oz thinking about my dream the night before.

And just as I thought in my dreams... There is no need to count calories when you're eating all the right foods! And there it was on TV my dreams live on Dr.Oz

Yep strange but amazing!!!
I won't even question it because tin just not new for me.

So Im including a new item of business in my Spring cleaning this time around.
I will make room for my brain to absorb new and important yet relevant information. 

(Daily dare: I'm deleting some old irrelevant infos stored in that cluttered brain of mine.)

Project 219: Day 33- When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 4)

Sunday: StakeCoference

This conference was a really special one for me. I learned so much
I took down a lot of notes in my journal to refer back to.

One thing that stood out was the thought of being soft, meek and humble.
Kind of like being broken from falling down on the ice on Saturday. 
I felt helpless and humbled.

The other thing was getting focused and facing the right direction. This one is a principle that I will apply for sure as a way to focus and have success.
Also that things are done by design, nothing is ever a coincidence.

The last and most important message was from the general authority
It was about being reverent. Having reverence for the sacred things and reflecting on how we feel about Deity. Our actions reflect on that and we we should enhance our relationship through reverence.
He spoke about Public worship, Family Worship and Personal Worship.
There's a lot to remember that I can write down here but it's for myself to remember 

The point is to remember have a clear understanding of Him and have no doubt who we are!

(Daily Dare: When we find our secure foundation, we will never have a thought of giving up or quitting.)

Project 219: Day 32- When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 3)

Saturday re-cap: I fell on my face!!!

This was a crazy day. I'm really not a morning person but when it comes to Zumba
I will get up. Even if I'm feeling sick!

As usual, the routine starts with our little grandparent duties by bringing my granddaughter 
to her gymnastics with hubby. We were so proud of her progress as she tries to participate
despite her tendency to always stray off from the group (wonder where that comes from) lol!
It's amazing to watch how a little 3yr-old girl absorb what is being taught. She is fearless and perhaps because she knows no limits. At first she was a little bit afraid as she walked through the higher beams but got up over and over again. 
Now she runs through the beams with her hands out like an airplane on tip-toes.

And afterwards, we headed for my Zumba class and she was happy to join me.
However the weather became my worst enemy!

Yes our Spring was again covered with more snow on Saturday and with it hid black ice
under our feet.
As we walked out the car, I pulled my gym bag which contained my shoes, hand weights, etc out of the trunk. Just as I closed the trunk and started walking....
I must have flew off the ice and into the ground face forward.
Then the gym back that must've been 15lbs landed on my back feeling like I was wrestled to the ground!

Before I could scream my pain away, I remember briefly thinking  "how can this happen to me?"
Not only do I have pinched-nerve on my shoulder that's been killing me the past month or so
now I was down on the ground on those shoulders and having the bag pounce on me.
"What have I done to deserve this? What did I do?!!??!"

My tears became a mix of anguish and  pain.
There I was on the floor, and was afraid to get up sacred if I was more broken.
Joe put a pillow under my face and I wanted to rest a little.
I could hear my grandaughter worrying and telling his Lolo that I fell.
Then I finally got up with Joe's help and I couldn't feel my arm perhaps because I was
partially numb and was not wearing gloves. The cold snow and ice on the ground was 
a bit of help so staying down there was a smart move.

I saw my Zumba student and teaching assistant just happen to get to the parking lot
while I was down. I told her I wanted to go home cos I was soaked and in pain.

My husband and I decided we should go to the hospital anyways and get checked.
Even during the car ride and the pain I was still hesitating to go and thought I would be fine on my own. But somehow the same questions came back...

"What have I done to deserve this? What did I do?!!??!"

Is this what I get from voluntarily serving for months and helping others get fit?  
I knew I was not blaming God, I just couldn't because deep down I knew I needed the fall!

I knew I had been too stubborn to be treated for my shoulder pains for weeks that spoils
my sleep and quality of life.
I had to fall!!!
I immediately knew that this was a blessing in disguise.
So I cried for completely different reason.
I cried because I hated the thought of having to wait at the emergency and having to take drugs lol!
I was already taking all forms of natural supplements to heal myself and yes I was on my way to better health. I finally slept 2 nights in a row. 
Why the fall?

Perhaps I needed a speedier recovery with the help of the doctors.
I know I could use it, I needed to know for sure what I had been battling with.

So our whole Saturday was spent at the hospital and it wasn't as bad a wait as I thought.
So it was a pinched-nerve but and will see a  specialist in two weeks.
For now I've been prescribed with anti-inflammatory pills and morphine!
But I'm not taking the morphine.. That's just crazy!

Lesson of the day: my thoughts about falling hard was towards my grandaughter getting up each time she fell and got up walking on the balance beam. At first she was getting help getting back on, but eventually she got up on her own.
So when I was down, I knew I had no one to blame and yes I can always get up on my own but there's no shame in getting the help in getting up from loved ones or doctors once in a while :)

(Daily Dare: recognize that there are blessings of falling down or falling short)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 31-When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 2)

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

And I'm a great believer that when my home and environment is clean, my thoughts are clean and fresh. Thus giving me a playground for inspiration for a focused journey.

Ever since I can remember... I've struggled to stay organized.
Notice I said 'stay' organized and not 'get' organized.
It's all about consistency.
So Spring and Fall seems to be the best time for me to revisit that goal.
It's so important for my sanity otherwise I'm all over the place.
It's like trying to fit in blogging time for me. 
If my day is crowded with so many to-do's and not have a list, I would be doing
endless things all day. And I'm sure half of the items of to-do would be meaningless.

So its time to clean and get rid of all the things crowding my progress to what I want to become.
I've already done a bit of cleaning a few things in my life and that's not only physically but emotionally as well.
It's all about priorities. 

It's an important goal and a lifetime mission to have the home in order.

(Daily Dare: Tackle what you can and just do "here a little and there a little: line upon line; precept upon precept")

Project 219: Day 30- When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 1)

I love Spring...
Except for the cleaning part!

However, once I do get started... I love the results. 
It's a wonderful time to refresh our lives and feel a rebirth of simplicity.
All things are cleansed and renewed and we feel free.

That's how I feel anyways when I know Spring is in the horizon.
Today is the first day of Spring and although the snow outside may discourage
the feeling of Spring and give us an excuse to procrastinate the spring cleaning...
It's still Spring!!!

So it's time to Spring into action if I want to get to see the fruits of my labour.

I'm still a little behind in my planning but I still see progress by doing just a little bit of something.

(Daily Dare: Every little effort we make to move forward is like knowing that the plants are bound to sprout despite the snow that covers it)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project 219: Day 29: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part7)

I sure wasn't going to back out from teaching.
It was my way of de-stressing and I don't ever want to let my class down.
I wasn't dying and heck I heard a contestant in the show Dancing With The Stars this season
has prosthetic legs! 
I thought to myself: I still have my legs for crying out loud, I will just fine!

So I got down on my knees and said a little prayer for strength to get me through it because
to be totally honest, I felt so much pain that I was crying lol!

But I was thinking how pretty lucky I am to still have my limbs and my health. 
I have to really take care of what I have and not take it for granted.
And during my down time trying to sleep, I managed to watch all kinds of talk shows
and funny enough that they mostly talked about health.

I rarely ever turn the television on unless I watch a movie with hubby.
But when I turned it on, it was mostly about taking care of our health and nutrition.
Dr. Oz had a great show on the past 2 days which I can always go into the website to
recall the infos.

We are so lucky to have all these resources on our fingertips. There's so much good
information that we can wisely use. 

So yes I did go to the class and taught with a smile. Took it easy just to make sure I didn't
pass out. I took 2 Advils and I'm sure that helped a lot. 
But I managed and I was lucky that I love what I'm doing otherwise there was no way I
was going to do it. Normally I would say in a different job situation that "my health comes before work"
But in this case I'm lucky to reverse the saying and declare that "my work gives me my health!"
There had been numerous occasions when I had felt so tired even with headaches but taught anyways. 

And yesterday again, although I felt more tired and more pain than usual, 
teaching Zumba has never once failed to make me happy!
Today I still haven't had the sleep I need but I taught 2 classes and never felt better!
(Daily Dare: luck comes in the form of loving what you do!)

Project 219: Day 28: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part6)

So this is a day late but I'm posting it up anyways.

*yesterday (day 28) I spent the whole day resting and lying down trying to sleep because I had not
slept the whole night because of pain. 

But no luck!

I can't sleep because I hear every little noise so I turned some tv noise on
but still no luck!
I ended up watching, then I would snooze for a little bit and all throughout the 4 hrs
of trying to sleep I got in at least 20mins.
Then just as I was getting a little drowsy, it was time to get ready to go teach Zumba!

Just imagine how it would feel to be soooo tired, no sleep and this has been going 
on for many many weeks. 3 hrs a night if I'm lucky and the most I can get in for a nap is 30 mins.
Then I have those lucky days when I can finally get 5hrs in.

To top it off, the excruciating pain from my shoulders that still needs attention but I'm too
stubborn to go to the doctor. I've had this similar problem in the past 
so I know what needs to be done.

So yes I still have to teach because it's so darn hard to find a substitute last minute.
It's amazing how many certified Zumba instructors are out there. 
They are popping up everywhere like popcorn but never available to substitute.


Well it isn't as easy as you would think, it's not exactly like aerobics where your 
routine can be done over and over again. 
Let's just say that its one thing to take a class and it's another to teach it.

As I was getting ready, I could hardly lift my shirt over my head with the injured arm
How was I going to teach????

Monday, March 17, 2014

Project 219: Day 27: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part5)

I can't believe it's Day 27 of my journey!

Time goes by very fast and here I am still blogging for myself!
I noticed I am losing a follower a day on my Facebook fan page and I'm 
glad that I'm so much better at accepting it now. Lol!
I don't blame anyone for disliking my page.
I totally agree that it's a little boring at the moment.
I'm just trying to get the hang of just writing daily 
It should pick up as soon as I get. The planning out of the way.

It's really for me, I need this therapy. 
And I'm glad that I am doing it for ME!

My blogging is lot of self-reflection right now and it gives me a chance to 
really focus on my desires. Once I get that out of the way, I can really get started.
So far I've made my list of simple to-do's for the rest of March.

1. New Zumba choreography list of 12 songs 
2. Weekly Menu list (healthy choices)
3. Home Organization plans
4. Follow my Planner
5. Weight-loss goal 

Yes it seems too overwhelming for a few days left but it does keep my life simpler when I have something to follow. 

(Daily Dare:  We only have a few chances and luck is dependent on how we use our time so use it wisely)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 219: Day 25, 26: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part4)

The weekend was busy as usual.
Saturdays are hectic. 
It usually starts very early with gymnastics (my g-daughter)
followed by Zumba where I get to serve my church community and the public
with Free Zumba classes.

I would think some people would be 'lucky' to have the freebie for so many months now.
Sometimes we take 'Free' things for granted and forget how lucky we are.
It's sad but I've given many free classes in the past and only when I took another class out,
that's when others see the real value.
We only know what we have when it's gone.

So after my Zumba classes I add an extra half-hour of strength training. 

I love to share my talents because it truly benefits both the giver and taker.

Luck comes in a form of work and the neat thing about doing voluntary service
is learning to love others by not expecting anything in return.
Except for maybe - results!
I want my students to fulfill their health goals and be sexy! Lol!

After my Zumba classes, I go home for 2 hrs and the come back and teach 
Free Ballroom with my hubby. We love to do it because we get to practice as well.

I must say that I'm very lucky to have a partner who likes to dance.
We didn't have much in common when we both got together but eventually
we got to appreciate a few things together.
Recently I just started liking Star Trek. He is a big Trekkie and each time the movies
came out in the past, I would tell him to go with someone.
However, lately I started liking the new Star Trek movies.
Things evolve and we evolve and that's partly luck- (like Star Trek with cute casts)
but overall,  it takes more work than luck. 

Saturday went pretty good, it ended with a Family Game night at church 
which really required some luck on my part but I suck at some games.
Sunday my shoulder pains kept me up all night so I stayed home all day
and rested.

(Daily Dare: So one of the things on my list is to make sure we have our regular date nights as a priority)

Project 219: Day 24: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part3)

The answer for me: Creativity
Well, that's got to be the answer because I love to create. 
Perhaps that's it!
I have to be creative in my meal planning, take photos and post :)
This should be fun since I love posting my food online.
And friends encourage my posts by liking it
And that keeps me inspired for sure.

This should be the answer to my cooking dilemma.
Get creative and share.
I will find out soon enough.

So I'm gonna start by cleaning my food and choose healthy meals often
and I'm putting a lot of work into it!
But I do plan on cheating at least once a week :)

Today was a great day,
Spent some time with a friend and missionaries from church for lunch and dessert.
I love the spiritual messages that they bring and the friendships

I'm glad to have a new friend and a good one. 
She's definitely a keeper and we both love to eat desserts. 
But we are both becoming a little more health conscious and we love to do Zumba together.

It's awesome to have a friend who have the same goals and same values.
Also found out that we both like to do event planning and cupcakes :)
I believe 'Luck' is very useful when it comes to friendship.
I've been quite lucky with good friends. 

Project 219: Day 23: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part2)

Well, I'm done making a list of To-Dos for the rest of March.
It's a big list but nonetheless- simple!
That's what I'm moving towards...Simplicity!

To some it's still probably a heck of a list and up for debate.
My simplicity is subjective but like I said... It's for me.
Simple to me equals good sleep and no stress.

When it's things I like to do no matter how tasking it may look, it's still stress-free
because it's enjoyable. 
But it doesn't mean it's easy work, it's still work but with pleasure.

The opposite is true, for those who has to do things that they don't enjoy
it becomes work with pressure.

Now having said that... I don't always like to cook and it just becomes 'work'
How do I change that mind-set???
I do like to eat, why don't I always like to cook???

That's a great question that I'd like to figure out and I think I know the answer.
I sure feel a little more excited about it.

Could the key be in trying something new and experiment?

Project 219: Day 22: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part1)

I believe the luck of the Irish is exclusively for the Irish people. 
Lol... thats an irony because apparently they aren't lucky at all.

I used to look for four leaf clovers when I was young. My friend taught me that if I found one it would be good luck. I remember just spending a long time looking because it was so hard to find.
I guess it would be 'luck' just to find one and then what???
I never really know what would happen then.
I remember finding one or two on different occasions,
 but never really paid attention if I got lucky.
 It didn't matter anyways cos I just felt lucky find one. Lol!

However, when I look back I believe I was pretty fortunate in many ways or lucky!

For example, 
I met my soulmate instantly when I could've been searching forever. 
I was lucky that he treats me well, I like his character, we complete each other.
Of course a lot of it is in the attitude and how we see things.
We actually do not have a lot in common but that's what makes us complete.
If you look at it in a negative attitude, you know it's an ingredient for disaster.

So I was lucky in that area but I believe that I was luckier to have that positive attitude.
It wasn't always there 24/7 and I had to work on it.
I read self-help, motivational and inspirational books.

And from there, I believe I got luckier.
I had a better outlook in life, a better attitude, and I attracted good energy.
I believe that's what luck is. It's an attitude.
But I worked on it!

I was also lucky in some of my employment opportunities but that's a book in itself.
However I believe I was luckier to have been able to stay home as long as I could
being a stay-at-home-mom  for my kids.

Plus, luck can only last so long. 
They grew up!! Hmmm.

I've been pretty lucky and blessed in many other ways
and especially to have my good health.

But lately I'm thinking we can never rely on luck when comes to health.
I feel my body is complaining internally and physically.
So this is a particular area that I will first address to.
We all know that luck can only go a long way so it's time to work!

(Daily Dare: Plan out my menu and make healthier choices)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project 219: Day 21: Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part-7)

Today is DAY 21!!!
I've formed the habit of blogging consistently. Now it gets easier and it should get fun.

Habits are funny in some ways . 
They say that the habits we form builds our 
character and it becomes us.
So if I've formed a habit of writing... Perhaps I will become a writer???
A writer, a writer... wow that's something different but not new.

I've been trying for years to attempt to complete a book. 
It's never been realized of course.
Hence... perhaps the blogging becomes a mask for a deeper longing to write???

An idea came to mind one night as I laid in bed wondering how to structure my blog.
The thoughts:
'What if instead of just writing about anything, I decided to make this blog
into a little masterpiece?'
What if I use my own little concept to help me transform during this blogging journey?

What does my heart say about that???

Well after determining the things that clogs and finally just letting go, writing 
should be an easy flow from here.
It's not always going to be a clear road but I know that if I follow my heart that I will
get the right signals and directions to arrive to the 'pre-destined' location.

(Daily Dare: Just Follow my dreams dang it!)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Project 219: Day 20: Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part-6)

So lately I've practiced the art of saying no.
I had decided that I will learn to give other people including close friends 
ownership of their problems. 
Meaning that I will not solve it for them.
I can be a friend but will no longer be their chauffeur, the therapist, etc. 
Sometimes I just need to do less favors or they do take me for granted.
Deep down in my heart, I've been feeling that way in different areas.
It's always a pleasure to help when it's from the heart.

But lately my heart is tired.

So I had to put a stop to it, and started saying NO.

The outcome to this experiment???
Not good!
It's sad but it showed me that friends may not be your true friends. 
And that is just fine with me also. 
This part of my life can also be cleansed.

Furthermore, this exercise taught me that I do not need to justify my actions.
I needed the time to strengthen myself, to be whole again
and to just give myself some little time to sort things through.
I did what I knew in my heart was the right thing to do.
And I hate letting people down but I had to do it. 

Reality check:
Many people just think of themselves.
I was glad to see this because it just gave me more reason to learn to start saying no.

(Daily Dare: Clarity is so vital when it comes to seeing successful results. 
Its great to have a vision but first it start by clearing up the clutter that blocks it)

Project 219: Day 18,19: Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part-5)

So the weekend was crazy and i can't remember the last time I felt 
rested on weekends. But this weekend was full of sweets :)

Saturdays just fly and that's why my hubby and I decided to take it easy
and have our date at home. We decided to do groceries and fill up on junk like
chips and salsa. We watched a movie and lounged on the sofa with our chips.
Then we decided to bake carrot are cheesecake that we found online
and made it past midnight. 

Sundays are meant for rest and yes I always feel much better
after I come from church services and a small nap.
Then we baked some more with our grandaughter.

It seems like it was only yesterday when we were baking with our boys .
It was a tradition to bake during the holidays and when we remember but lately it's
been a pretty fun hobby of hubby!
Things we do from our heart always makes everyone happy,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Project 219: Day 17- Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part-5)

I settled to the idea that I may just temporarily have anxiety problems. 
It's a terrible cycle consisting of insomnia, over active and wired from my addiction to Zumba 
and the chocolates and sweets that keeps me from sleep. 
Plus overwhelmed by my busyness and taking on people's problems.

I finally decided it was time to put an end to some things.
I had to first stop myself from my gym time which is usually 2 hrs 
three times a week excluding Zumba

Then I detached myself from some people. 
Although I love to help and serve my fellowmen, I needed to stop for a while
and get myself back on track and heal.
I told myself... I wasn't accepting any calls.

It was hard to do but sure enough I was compelled to. 
I got sick with the cold and throat was sore, more body aches and then slight fever.
It's funny how that happens.
nonetheless I still had to teach my Zumba classes because I couldn't let my students down
and yes I admit, I just can't keep away.

But when I wasn't doing Zumba, I felt really ill and stayed in bed all day.
And I can physically feel the traffic jam of junk through my arteries when I am sitting still or lying down.

If I want the green lights to continue working in my heart, I have to say NO to a lot of things!

(Daily Dare: Remind myself that it's okay to say No to being good! Meaning that sometimes 
I gotta help myself before I can help others)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Project 219: Day 15 - Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part 3)

I can imagine my heart being a traffic light turning from green, yellow and red intermittently
as I get distracted and my desires and interests goes into splitsville! 

This happens every so often.
I get an idea, I think about it a little bit and then pursue it.

But lately I've learned to put on the yellow lights and proceed with caution before I move towards that desire. These desires may seem fun and harmless and can even look  similar to the true desire
but oftentimes it's just a branch from the root desire.

Now that I've used enough metaphors, 
I am speaking of my passion and purpose. 
I know what I'm meant to do but sometimes I avoid it and circle around it and sure enough 
I've given birth to a new idea that is similar to it.

Distractions, distractions. 
Most times we cause it ourselves and it's what stems from not being true!

One of my greatest gifts however is the ability to tap into my heart's code.
I can always go through the layers of many desires (there's just flippin way too much)
and get into the very core. 
Through this exercise, I have learned to decipher the reasons why I am not motivated and how we subconsciously demotivate ourselves.  

I've learned that Our CORE Desires have codes to help us be inspired, motivated and then act!!!
The key to the heart's code lies within being TRUE.

(Daily Dare: Never neglect the nagging feeling inside. The truth sometimes hurt, but we will always be hurt in some other way, so we may as well bleed for the right reasons.) 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project 219: Day 16 - Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part 4)

"I've learned that Our CORE Desires have codes to help us be inspired, motivated and then act! The key to the heart's code lies within being TRUE."

Sounds complicated and maybe even scientific but it's actually very simple.
I'm not a doctor, scientist or psychologist.
If I wanted to I can google it up and research my feelings about the subject and will probably
find some crazy info about it!
But I'm just gonna leave it as is and will speak from experience.

Lately I thought I was experiencing a heart attack feeling (at least I thought I was)

Not too sure what it was, I googled the symptoms all night, said many prayers
 and worried for a few days. 
I had hoped it was some other problem so I kept googling and seeing all kinds of 
alternatives to my symptoms.
Back aches, left shoulder pinched nerve pains that goes through my arm and extends to my thumbs.
Sometimes it's a numbing feeling and I worry it will shoot to my heart.
In the night, it gets painful and unbearable when I am still.

Hence, information out there are helpful but can be very scary. 
Self-diagnosis is tasking and the 3hrs of wait at the doctor's office would be worth it 
especially when it comes to health.

But I highly doubt that it was the symptoms of heart-attack even though it was similar.
My kids often tell me that I get paranoid when it comes to sicknesses. They joke and 
say I have the sickness of 'I-must-have-this-itis'

And I am terrified of needles for the longest time.
It makes me wonder how I will ever be able to get 'Botox' treatment since
I have so many allergies like nuts, bandage tapes, and hate needles.
 What to do for my face when it gets soggy and old??? Lol!

That's not important, I think I will try to be different and grow old naturally and gracefully :)
My health means more and as long as people think I'm my hubby's wife and not mother (because he has a baby face) then I'm fine! 
Hehe :)

So it still felt like my veins were clogged but I wasn't going to succumb to fear and 
the thought of being unhealthy just wasn't sitting well.
 It was unacceptable, No Way...no siree!!!
I realize that I do worry a lot and stressed over things.
So it was probably just STRESS!!

Then I saw this post of Facebook just yesterday and it wasn't by accident!
It was actually a link that lead to other articles and led me to this.
It this popped in my heart like an electrical resuscitation that brought me back from the dead! 
So I read it, and that was it!
I was stressed!!!

I was really stressed for not following my heart and doing what I'm meant to do
and becoming who I'm meant to be!!!
It's perfect so I took a picture of it for it my own reference)

It was time to clean my heart!

(Daily Dare: Unnecessary stress comes from unhealthy decisions of our choices and other people's choices. Control the decisions that pollutes the healthy flow to happiness) 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 219: Day 11, 12, 13: Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack? (Part 1)

Ok so major setback...
I've prewritten on Fiday what I'd post on the weekend but never had a chance to go back and
re-read and edit. Well I don't edit much but at least make it look readable.

Been sick and taking it easy but yet too stubborn to stay still and busy as usual.

Today was a rough day.
 I had promised to replace a Zumba class and I couldn't sleep
with my shoulder pains and then it got worse with a stiffneck pain in the morning.

How da heck was I suppose to teach class? 
And it's always so nerve-wrecking when you're replacing someone's class.
It's never easy to break-in and you worry if they like you, your style , your smile sigh!

However I was still able to do it, and they all seem to love it.
A few students told me they prefer me over the other class (but maybe they say that to everyone lol!)
However it was a very kind and much needed compliment especially after how I was feeling during and after class.
I'm just soooo glad I didn't pass out.
There was a lot of heavy breathing and a bit of disorientation probably from the extra-strength dose of back pain relaxants

So I decided to take a snapshot of myself before class to remind myself how big I'm getting.
This isn't a surprise that I gained a total of 10lbs from the last month of no gym, slacking in my diet, all the sweets during bdays, v-day and events. 

Plus... I'm thinking my arteries are clogged!!!
For the record, it's great to write these experiences down and take a reality photo so I can refer to it if everytime I feel like being abusive with my health.

Right now my head hurts and feels like exploding, nose feels like bleeding... something is definitely wrong. I seriously need to get checked soon.

(Daily Dare: In order to make a change, you envision the end result, accept reality then change your belief system and do it)