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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 219: Day 23: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part2)

Well, I'm done making a list of To-Dos for the rest of March.
It's a big list but nonetheless- simple!
That's what I'm moving towards...Simplicity!

To some it's still probably a heck of a list and up for debate.
My simplicity is subjective but like I said... It's for me.
Simple to me equals good sleep and no stress.

When it's things I like to do no matter how tasking it may look, it's still stress-free
because it's enjoyable. 
But it doesn't mean it's easy work, it's still work but with pleasure.

The opposite is true, for those who has to do things that they don't enjoy
it becomes work with pressure.

Now having said that... I don't always like to cook and it just becomes 'work'
How do I change that mind-set???
I do like to eat, why don't I always like to cook???

That's a great question that I'd like to figure out and I think I know the answer.
I sure feel a little more excited about it.

Could the key be in trying something new and experiment?

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