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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project 219: Day 16 - Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part 4)

"I've learned that Our CORE Desires have codes to help us be inspired, motivated and then act! The key to the heart's code lies within being TRUE."

Sounds complicated and maybe even scientific but it's actually very simple.
I'm not a doctor, scientist or psychologist.
If I wanted to I can google it up and research my feelings about the subject and will probably
find some crazy info about it!
But I'm just gonna leave it as is and will speak from experience.

Lately I thought I was experiencing a heart attack feeling (at least I thought I was)

Not too sure what it was, I googled the symptoms all night, said many prayers
 and worried for a few days. 
I had hoped it was some other problem so I kept googling and seeing all kinds of 
alternatives to my symptoms.
Back aches, left shoulder pinched nerve pains that goes through my arm and extends to my thumbs.
Sometimes it's a numbing feeling and I worry it will shoot to my heart.
In the night, it gets painful and unbearable when I am still.

Hence, information out there are helpful but can be very scary. 
Self-diagnosis is tasking and the 3hrs of wait at the doctor's office would be worth it 
especially when it comes to health.

But I highly doubt that it was the symptoms of heart-attack even though it was similar.
My kids often tell me that I get paranoid when it comes to sicknesses. They joke and 
say I have the sickness of 'I-must-have-this-itis'

And I am terrified of needles for the longest time.
It makes me wonder how I will ever be able to get 'Botox' treatment since
I have so many allergies like nuts, bandage tapes, and hate needles.
 What to do for my face when it gets soggy and old??? Lol!

That's not important, I think I will try to be different and grow old naturally and gracefully :)
My health means more and as long as people think I'm my hubby's wife and not mother (because he has a baby face) then I'm fine! 
Hehe :)

So it still felt like my veins were clogged but I wasn't going to succumb to fear and 
the thought of being unhealthy just wasn't sitting well.
 It was unacceptable, No Way...no siree!!!
I realize that I do worry a lot and stressed over things.
So it was probably just STRESS!!

Then I saw this post of Facebook just yesterday and it wasn't by accident!
It was actually a link that lead to other articles and led me to this.
It this popped in my heart like an electrical resuscitation that brought me back from the dead! 
So I read it, and that was it!
I was stressed!!!

I was really stressed for not following my heart and doing what I'm meant to do
and becoming who I'm meant to be!!!
It's perfect so I took a picture of it for it my own reference)

It was time to clean my heart!

(Daily Dare: Unnecessary stress comes from unhealthy decisions of our choices and other people's choices. Control the decisions that pollutes the healthy flow to happiness) 

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