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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 219: Day 22: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part1)

I believe the luck of the Irish is exclusively for the Irish people. 
Lol... thats an irony because apparently they aren't lucky at all.

I used to look for four leaf clovers when I was young. My friend taught me that if I found one it would be good luck. I remember just spending a long time looking because it was so hard to find.
I guess it would be 'luck' just to find one and then what???
I never really know what would happen then.
I remember finding one or two on different occasions,
 but never really paid attention if I got lucky.
 It didn't matter anyways cos I just felt lucky find one. Lol!

However, when I look back I believe I was pretty fortunate in many ways or lucky!

For example, 
I met my soulmate instantly when I could've been searching forever. 
I was lucky that he treats me well, I like his character, we complete each other.
Of course a lot of it is in the attitude and how we see things.
We actually do not have a lot in common but that's what makes us complete.
If you look at it in a negative attitude, you know it's an ingredient for disaster.

So I was lucky in that area but I believe that I was luckier to have that positive attitude.
It wasn't always there 24/7 and I had to work on it.
I read self-help, motivational and inspirational books.

And from there, I believe I got luckier.
I had a better outlook in life, a better attitude, and I attracted good energy.
I believe that's what luck is. It's an attitude.
But I worked on it!

I was also lucky in some of my employment opportunities but that's a book in itself.
However I believe I was luckier to have been able to stay home as long as I could
being a stay-at-home-mom  for my kids.

Plus, luck can only last so long. 
They grew up!! Hmmm.

I've been pretty lucky and blessed in many other ways
and especially to have my good health.

But lately I'm thinking we can never rely on luck when comes to health.
I feel my body is complaining internally and physically.
So this is a particular area that I will first address to.
We all know that luck can only go a long way so it's time to work!

(Daily Dare: Plan out my menu and make healthier choices)

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