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Friday, March 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 31-When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 2)

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

And I'm a great believer that when my home and environment is clean, my thoughts are clean and fresh. Thus giving me a playground for inspiration for a focused journey.

Ever since I can remember... I've struggled to stay organized.
Notice I said 'stay' organized and not 'get' organized.
It's all about consistency.
So Spring and Fall seems to be the best time for me to revisit that goal.
It's so important for my sanity otherwise I'm all over the place.
It's like trying to fit in blogging time for me. 
If my day is crowded with so many to-do's and not have a list, I would be doing
endless things all day. And I'm sure half of the items of to-do would be meaningless.

So its time to clean and get rid of all the things crowding my progress to what I want to become.
I've already done a bit of cleaning a few things in my life and that's not only physically but emotionally as well.
It's all about priorities. 

It's an important goal and a lifetime mission to have the home in order.

(Daily Dare: Tackle what you can and just do "here a little and there a little: line upon line; precept upon precept")

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