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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 219: Day 24: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part3)

The answer for me: Creativity
Well, that's got to be the answer because I love to create. 
Perhaps that's it!
I have to be creative in my meal planning, take photos and post :)
This should be fun since I love posting my food online.
And friends encourage my posts by liking it
And that keeps me inspired for sure.

This should be the answer to my cooking dilemma.
Get creative and share.
I will find out soon enough.

So I'm gonna start by cleaning my food and choose healthy meals often
and I'm putting a lot of work into it!
But I do plan on cheating at least once a week :)

Today was a great day,
Spent some time with a friend and missionaries from church for lunch and dessert.
I love the spiritual messages that they bring and the friendships

I'm glad to have a new friend and a good one. 
She's definitely a keeper and we both love to eat desserts. 
But we are both becoming a little more health conscious and we love to do Zumba together.

It's awesome to have a friend who have the same goals and same values.
Also found out that we both like to do event planning and cupcakes :)
I believe 'Luck' is very useful when it comes to friendship.
I've been quite lucky with good friends. 

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