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Friday, March 21, 2014

Project 219: Day 30- When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 1)

I love Spring...
Except for the cleaning part!

However, once I do get started... I love the results. 
It's a wonderful time to refresh our lives and feel a rebirth of simplicity.
All things are cleansed and renewed and we feel free.

That's how I feel anyways when I know Spring is in the horizon.
Today is the first day of Spring and although the snow outside may discourage
the feeling of Spring and give us an excuse to procrastinate the spring cleaning...
It's still Spring!!!

So it's time to Spring into action if I want to get to see the fruits of my labour.

I'm still a little behind in my planning but I still see progress by doing just a little bit of something.

(Daily Dare: Every little effort we make to move forward is like knowing that the plants are bound to sprout despite the snow that covers it)

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