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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project 219: Day 29: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part7)

I sure wasn't going to back out from teaching.
It was my way of de-stressing and I don't ever want to let my class down.
I wasn't dying and heck I heard a contestant in the show Dancing With The Stars this season
has prosthetic legs! 
I thought to myself: I still have my legs for crying out loud, I will just fine!

So I got down on my knees and said a little prayer for strength to get me through it because
to be totally honest, I felt so much pain that I was crying lol!

But I was thinking how pretty lucky I am to still have my limbs and my health. 
I have to really take care of what I have and not take it for granted.
And during my down time trying to sleep, I managed to watch all kinds of talk shows
and funny enough that they mostly talked about health.

I rarely ever turn the television on unless I watch a movie with hubby.
But when I turned it on, it was mostly about taking care of our health and nutrition.
Dr. Oz had a great show on the past 2 days which I can always go into the website to
recall the infos.

We are so lucky to have all these resources on our fingertips. There's so much good
information that we can wisely use. 

So yes I did go to the class and taught with a smile. Took it easy just to make sure I didn't
pass out. I took 2 Advils and I'm sure that helped a lot. 
But I managed and I was lucky that I love what I'm doing otherwise there was no way I
was going to do it. Normally I would say in a different job situation that "my health comes before work"
But in this case I'm lucky to reverse the saying and declare that "my work gives me my health!"
There had been numerous occasions when I had felt so tired even with headaches but taught anyways. 

And yesterday again, although I felt more tired and more pain than usual, 
teaching Zumba has never once failed to make me happy!
Today I still haven't had the sleep I need but I taught 2 classes and never felt better!
(Daily Dare: luck comes in the form of loving what you do!)

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