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Monday, March 17, 2014

Project 219: Day 27: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part5)

I can't believe it's Day 27 of my journey!

Time goes by very fast and here I am still blogging for myself!
I noticed I am losing a follower a day on my Facebook fan page and I'm 
glad that I'm so much better at accepting it now. Lol!
I don't blame anyone for disliking my page.
I totally agree that it's a little boring at the moment.
I'm just trying to get the hang of just writing daily 
It should pick up as soon as I get. The planning out of the way.

It's really for me, I need this therapy. 
And I'm glad that I am doing it for ME!

My blogging is lot of self-reflection right now and it gives me a chance to 
really focus on my desires. Once I get that out of the way, I can really get started.
So far I've made my list of simple to-do's for the rest of March.

1. New Zumba choreography list of 12 songs 
2. Weekly Menu list (healthy choices)
3. Home Organization plans
4. Follow my Planner
5. Weight-loss goal 

Yes it seems too overwhelming for a few days left but it does keep my life simpler when I have something to follow. 

(Daily Dare:  We only have a few chances and luck is dependent on how we use our time so use it wisely)

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