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Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 219: Day 11, 12, 13: Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack? (Part 1)

Ok so major setback...
I've prewritten on Fiday what I'd post on the weekend but never had a chance to go back and
re-read and edit. Well I don't edit much but at least make it look readable.

Been sick and taking it easy but yet too stubborn to stay still and busy as usual.

Today was a rough day.
 I had promised to replace a Zumba class and I couldn't sleep
with my shoulder pains and then it got worse with a stiffneck pain in the morning.

How da heck was I suppose to teach class? 
And it's always so nerve-wrecking when you're replacing someone's class.
It's never easy to break-in and you worry if they like you, your style , your smile sigh!

However I was still able to do it, and they all seem to love it.
A few students told me they prefer me over the other class (but maybe they say that to everyone lol!)
However it was a very kind and much needed compliment especially after how I was feeling during and after class.
I'm just soooo glad I didn't pass out.
There was a lot of heavy breathing and a bit of disorientation probably from the extra-strength dose of back pain relaxants

So I decided to take a snapshot of myself before class to remind myself how big I'm getting.
This isn't a surprise that I gained a total of 10lbs from the last month of no gym, slacking in my diet, all the sweets during bdays, v-day and events. 

Plus... I'm thinking my arteries are clogged!!!
For the record, it's great to write these experiences down and take a reality photo so I can refer to it if everytime I feel like being abusive with my health.

Right now my head hurts and feels like exploding, nose feels like bleeding... something is definitely wrong. I seriously need to get checked soon.

(Daily Dare: In order to make a change, you envision the end result, accept reality then change your belief system and do it) 

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