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Monday, March 24, 2014

Project 219: Day 33- When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 4)

Sunday: StakeCoference

This conference was a really special one for me. I learned so much
I took down a lot of notes in my journal to refer back to.

One thing that stood out was the thought of being soft, meek and humble.
Kind of like being broken from falling down on the ice on Saturday. 
I felt helpless and humbled.

The other thing was getting focused and facing the right direction. This one is a principle that I will apply for sure as a way to focus and have success.
Also that things are done by design, nothing is ever a coincidence.

The last and most important message was from the general authority
It was about being reverent. Having reverence for the sacred things and reflecting on how we feel about Deity. Our actions reflect on that and we we should enhance our relationship through reverence.
He spoke about Public worship, Family Worship and Personal Worship.
There's a lot to remember that I can write down here but it's for myself to remember 

The point is to remember have a clear understanding of Him and have no doubt who we are!

(Daily Dare: When we find our secure foundation, we will never have a thought of giving up or quitting.)

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