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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Project 219: Day 17- Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part-5)

I settled to the idea that I may just temporarily have anxiety problems. 
It's a terrible cycle consisting of insomnia, over active and wired from my addiction to Zumba 
and the chocolates and sweets that keeps me from sleep. 
Plus overwhelmed by my busyness and taking on people's problems.

I finally decided it was time to put an end to some things.
I had to first stop myself from my gym time which is usually 2 hrs 
three times a week excluding Zumba

Then I detached myself from some people. 
Although I love to help and serve my fellowmen, I needed to stop for a while
and get myself back on track and heal.
I told myself... I wasn't accepting any calls.

It was hard to do but sure enough I was compelled to. 
I got sick with the cold and throat was sore, more body aches and then slight fever.
It's funny how that happens.
nonetheless I still had to teach my Zumba classes because I couldn't let my students down
and yes I admit, I just can't keep away.

But when I wasn't doing Zumba, I felt really ill and stayed in bed all day.
And I can physically feel the traffic jam of junk through my arteries when I am sitting still or lying down.

If I want the green lights to continue working in my heart, I have to say NO to a lot of things!

(Daily Dare: Remind myself that it's okay to say No to being good! Meaning that sometimes 
I gotta help myself before I can help others)

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