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Monday, March 31, 2014

Project 219: Day 40 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 11)


So now shopping at dep't stores aren't so bad now except for Friday. I decided to shop for a dress to wear at another Asian party. And yes they know how to dress classy. 
I still hate shopping at some degree and I was reminded of that when this older salesman or owner was trying hard to push a sale by just chatting up a storm. It was so annoying I felt like telling him to let me shop in peace! I'm assuming that some clients run from this store. I wanted to do him a favor  and tell him that his marketing technique was annoying and may be annoying to some people. But I just walked out because I had no time.
So I finally found something I like. A nice red dress that was on final sale that wouldn't break the bank. I had put on a medium to try and I wasn't happy. 
So I moved on and kept looking elsewhere. 2 more hrs passed and I was completely discouraged.

I thought about the red dress again and was bothered that it was a medium size.
So I went back because I wasn't gonna leave the place empty handed. I had to see that dress again
but this time I was determined to try a small size.

So there I was in the fitting room removing my coat, scarf, sweater and clothings with difficulty because of my injured shoulder.
I put the dress on very slowly and to my surprise it fit well and better than the medium size.
I told myself there was no way that I'm gonna allow myself to get big again. 
"I'm a size small now" lol!
So I felt very good and relieved that I didn't look fat.
Then it came time to take it off.
Putting it on was fine and bearable with my painful arm but removing it upwards
(Because it had no zipper) was hell.
I was in such excruciating pain as I tried to remove the dress that my head and arms were stuck 
for a good while. I was too embarrased to call the saleslady for help so I just stood there crunched over crying my eyes out. Lol!
What was I thinking?
It was even tough for me to lift my arm just to put my hair in a ponytail that morning and there I was struggling to take off a size small dress.

So with all the time wasted and hardships, I bought the dress and wire it Saturday night. 
Hubby was pleased and found me hot :)
Mission accomplished lol!

Sunday morning was full of snow again. Church was very good.
I enjoyed our Sunday school and Relief Society messages. Both insync with how
I was feeling lately. 
Being very tried and tested lately with physical as well as financial pains. It's all part if growth and 
the lessons taught in class were perfect examples of how to deal with trials and then how to get back up. So at times we experience these trials more than once and it's a reminder that sometimes a lesson needs to be relearned. It's ok... it passes.
But we always want to know the "when and how"
But it passes!

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