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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project 219: Day 35 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 6)

The List list list...

What a crazy day so far!
I write all kinds of things I'd like to do dor the day and I get at least half of it done!

Yes I over plan, I have high expected tigons for myself and I'm dying to nap but I know if I did just that
half of my day would begone just trying to get in 30mins.

So I decided just to stay up and move.

So I decided to choreograph at least 3 Zumba dances and it's very difficult when you're 
half asleep.
Then I gotta put in time for blogging as well while I cook.
I also have a deadline to meet for 2 Shutterfly photobook a due tomorrow
and I have not yet sorted out the photos.

Overwhelmed but at least I got 3 dance choreographies almost done.
I had one down pact but the other 2 are just hanging.
It will be done today though.

I never thought I could ever get started but sometimes you just gotta push yourself
beyond the limit at times. 

It's 4:34pm, my potroast is getting ready to bake I the oven and now I an shower
and sit while it's cooking and do my photobook.

That's another thing I love to do is create photobooks under pressure lol!
Same with Zumba, I create dances under pressure  and it's still enjoyable because 
I love it!

Reminder: Zumba at 6:20

We will see how far I get today :)

(Daily Dare: when I love to do something, it's easy push a little beyond my limit, it won't kill me)

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