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Monday, June 27, 2011

It’s been an INSANE Year and I’m getting way too old for Menstrual CRAMPS dang it!!!

This morning I was wondering if I was having a heart attack

because I was experiencing chest pains and very bad cramping.

I was curled up in my sofa all day and was wondering if I was just having heat stroke or

just a heart burn.

I finally took 2 advils and pooof… ahhh the release of natural….‘fart’ bwahahaha...lol!!!

Time of the month… cramps, pain and the whole bit!

Dang it… I thought I was all over it?

But it comes back often… the pms cramping…maybe because I haven’t fully grown up yet… still acting and sometimes dressing like a teenager (as one of my sons would say)

Ok so you see, I still have the teenage menstrual cramping so I must still be young!?!#@?


Dare Diva… You are going to be 41 tomorrow and you’re already a GRANDMA on top

of it!

So FACE the MUSIC woman!!!

LOL…(thinking out loud of course)

Ok, like I said, it’s been an insane year. My ADD had acted up but that’s nothing new.

Everytime you see me disappear from Facebook or my Blog, you know why.

But everything is for a reason. I'm always out there learning something anyhow!

BUT the truth is that I was actually busy finishing up the
"LIST of 40 things I would do before I turned 41"

And one of the things I really wanted to do was finish this whole website…

As you can see, it’s not yet done! So I’m giving myself a few extra days. I’ve been working so hard to finish that list and I really just started in January and they were quite lofty goals I tell ya!
But of course... for every GOALS, there are ROADBLOCKS... and guess what..
I succumbed to the distractions and that's why I am behind!

Thats Right...

I was busy being NAUGHTY!!!

Naughty to the point where I had to BE VERY GOOD and RESTITUTE for my


This weekend, my hubby thought that it would be great if instead of getting so

much gifts for my huge "End of 40th Birthday Party" this year…. That I would..

Give away gifts instead!!!

So we did just that because last year I had way too many wonderful gifts that I had no clue what to do with because I’m the shopaholic that hoards bags of stuff in my closet and get caught wearing tags on my clothes in public.

So my genius husband decided to ask friends to bring a bag of non-perishable items to give to Sun Youth Organization locally. We had a whole van load and the staff had to wheel it in two shopping carts several times.
Unloading the gifts to SUN YOUTH CANADA, Montreal, June 26, 2011

I felt great… I felt wonderful… but most of all…

I felt almost forgiven, but not completely yet! LOL!

I have some confessions to make and I won’t do it here…

It would have to be another day and yes… I will strip myself of all the

bad things that clutter my soul and you guys will benefit.

I will give away stuff… and I’m always willing to

SHARE because I truly do CARE

I am the Dare Diva and this time

I’m back with a few gifts in the bag!

Come back often.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh My Goodness...What the DEVIL is Happening to ME!!!

Do you ever wonder if someone is pulling a big joke on you?

It's crazy how sometimes I feel like a puppet being played on a string
from 'some powefully unknown forces' up there! LOL!

The funny thing is that I think someone thinks I am Special enough to 'FOOL AROUND' with and use as an example for some kind of important messages to send out in cyberspace. hehe!

Yes folks... I had some crazy experiences last month and I can tell you, it's so DARN POWERFUL that even EATING which I LOVE to do became a distraction!

So although I felt 'Pulled', 'Tugged' in all directions as if the DEVIL himself came with his army... the Madness finally stopped yesterday!

YESTERDAY afternoon: 
The questions: "WHY...WHY ....WHY is this happening to me?"

WOW...I found myself talking as if I was going straight to the 'mental hospital'

DD:    Hello, who is pulling my strings up there?
DD:    Can you answer me?
DD:   What's going on with me? Is it because I'm so darn close to FINISHING MY  LIST?
DD: .....OMG....HELLO!!!!...Answer me DARN IT, I only have 28 DAYS LEFT till my DEADLINE!!!
GOD:  (Still no answer)
DD:    In prayer mode: "Please help me understand what's going on and get focused PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Call me a TOTAL NUTHEAD...5:30 am this morning... I was prompted to take a long WALK so I DID!
I decided not to put any music, detach from that awful loop of worldly music that's in my head. After a 2hr walk by nature and the water... I FELT at total 'PEACE' knowing that 'ALL IS GOOD' and that EVERYTHING I go through, every 'Crazy', 'Wacky', and even 'Painful' experiences is all part of the BIGGER PICTURE! Now I'm under a lot more pressure knowing what an amazing journey this is going to be!

It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

So now... I have only 28 DAYS left but I am aiming for 21 DAYS just to put more pressure on myself!

Time for MIRACLES to happen!
Stay tuned... i'm here to stay until of course there's something else to 'experience' and 'learn' from.

3:45pm - Got 3 Little Things done on my list, but only 20 more BIGGER ones to go!

Come tommorow... DAY 20 - Videologs Craziness