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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 219: Day 25, 26: When Luck lucks out... work your butt off! (Part4)

The weekend was busy as usual.
Saturdays are hectic. 
It usually starts very early with gymnastics (my g-daughter)
followed by Zumba where I get to serve my church community and the public
with Free Zumba classes.

I would think some people would be 'lucky' to have the freebie for so many months now.
Sometimes we take 'Free' things for granted and forget how lucky we are.
It's sad but I've given many free classes in the past and only when I took another class out,
that's when others see the real value.
We only know what we have when it's gone.

So after my Zumba classes I add an extra half-hour of strength training. 

I love to share my talents because it truly benefits both the giver and taker.

Luck comes in a form of work and the neat thing about doing voluntary service
is learning to love others by not expecting anything in return.
Except for maybe - results!
I want my students to fulfill their health goals and be sexy! Lol!

After my Zumba classes, I go home for 2 hrs and the come back and teach 
Free Ballroom with my hubby. We love to do it because we get to practice as well.

I must say that I'm very lucky to have a partner who likes to dance.
We didn't have much in common when we both got together but eventually
we got to appreciate a few things together.
Recently I just started liking Star Trek. He is a big Trekkie and each time the movies
came out in the past, I would tell him to go with someone.
However, lately I started liking the new Star Trek movies.
Things evolve and we evolve and that's partly luck- (like Star Trek with cute casts)
but overall,  it takes more work than luck. 

Saturday went pretty good, it ended with a Family Game night at church 
which really required some luck on my part but I suck at some games.
Sunday my shoulder pains kept me up all night so I stayed home all day
and rested.

(Daily Dare: So one of the things on my list is to make sure we have our regular date nights as a priority)

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