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Monday, March 24, 2014

Project 219: Day 32- When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 3)

Saturday re-cap: I fell on my face!!!

This was a crazy day. I'm really not a morning person but when it comes to Zumba
I will get up. Even if I'm feeling sick!

As usual, the routine starts with our little grandparent duties by bringing my granddaughter 
to her gymnastics with hubby. We were so proud of her progress as she tries to participate
despite her tendency to always stray off from the group (wonder where that comes from) lol!
It's amazing to watch how a little 3yr-old girl absorb what is being taught. She is fearless and perhaps because she knows no limits. At first she was a little bit afraid as she walked through the higher beams but got up over and over again. 
Now she runs through the beams with her hands out like an airplane on tip-toes.

And afterwards, we headed for my Zumba class and she was happy to join me.
However the weather became my worst enemy!

Yes our Spring was again covered with more snow on Saturday and with it hid black ice
under our feet.
As we walked out the car, I pulled my gym bag which contained my shoes, hand weights, etc out of the trunk. Just as I closed the trunk and started walking....
I must have flew off the ice and into the ground face forward.
Then the gym back that must've been 15lbs landed on my back feeling like I was wrestled to the ground!

Before I could scream my pain away, I remember briefly thinking  "how can this happen to me?"
Not only do I have pinched-nerve on my shoulder that's been killing me the past month or so
now I was down on the ground on those shoulders and having the bag pounce on me.
"What have I done to deserve this? What did I do?!!??!"

My tears became a mix of anguish and  pain.
There I was on the floor, and was afraid to get up sacred if I was more broken.
Joe put a pillow under my face and I wanted to rest a little.
I could hear my grandaughter worrying and telling his Lolo that I fell.
Then I finally got up with Joe's help and I couldn't feel my arm perhaps because I was
partially numb and was not wearing gloves. The cold snow and ice on the ground was 
a bit of help so staying down there was a smart move.

I saw my Zumba student and teaching assistant just happen to get to the parking lot
while I was down. I told her I wanted to go home cos I was soaked and in pain.

My husband and I decided we should go to the hospital anyways and get checked.
Even during the car ride and the pain I was still hesitating to go and thought I would be fine on my own. But somehow the same questions came back...

"What have I done to deserve this? What did I do?!!??!"

Is this what I get from voluntarily serving for months and helping others get fit?  
I knew I was not blaming God, I just couldn't because deep down I knew I needed the fall!

I knew I had been too stubborn to be treated for my shoulder pains for weeks that spoils
my sleep and quality of life.
I had to fall!!!
I immediately knew that this was a blessing in disguise.
So I cried for completely different reason.
I cried because I hated the thought of having to wait at the emergency and having to take drugs lol!
I was already taking all forms of natural supplements to heal myself and yes I was on my way to better health. I finally slept 2 nights in a row. 
Why the fall?

Perhaps I needed a speedier recovery with the help of the doctors.
I know I could use it, I needed to know for sure what I had been battling with.

So our whole Saturday was spent at the hospital and it wasn't as bad a wait as I thought.
So it was a pinched-nerve but and will see a  specialist in two weeks.
For now I've been prescribed with anti-inflammatory pills and morphine!
But I'm not taking the morphine.. That's just crazy!

Lesson of the day: my thoughts about falling hard was towards my grandaughter getting up each time she fell and got up walking on the balance beam. At first she was getting help getting back on, but eventually she got up on her own.
So when I was down, I knew I had no one to blame and yes I can always get up on my own but there's no shame in getting the help in getting up from loved ones or doctors once in a while :)

(Daily Dare: recognize that there are blessings of falling down or falling short)

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