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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project 219: Day 21: Follow your Heart they say... but what if it's clogged up and ready for a heart attack?(part-7)

Today is DAY 21!!!
I've formed the habit of blogging consistently. Now it gets easier and it should get fun.

Habits are funny in some ways . 
They say that the habits we form builds our 
character and it becomes us.
So if I've formed a habit of writing... Perhaps I will become a writer???
A writer, a writer... wow that's something different but not new.

I've been trying for years to attempt to complete a book. 
It's never been realized of course.
Hence... perhaps the blogging becomes a mask for a deeper longing to write???

An idea came to mind one night as I laid in bed wondering how to structure my blog.
The thoughts:
'What if instead of just writing about anything, I decided to make this blog
into a little masterpiece?'
What if I use my own little concept to help me transform during this blogging journey?

What does my heart say about that???

Well after determining the things that clogs and finally just letting go, writing 
should be an easy flow from here.
It's not always going to be a clear road but I know that if I follow my heart that I will
get the right signals and directions to arrive to the 'pre-destined' location.

(Daily Dare: Just Follow my dreams dang it!)

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