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Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 219: Day 38 -When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 9)

More snow!!!
This morning my car was covered in more snow.
When will this end?

Anyways it was probably a good thing that it snowed.
I was so tempted to go to the gym today and I've made a promise to myself that I would just 
get my exercise from teaching Zumba and not over exert because of my bad shoulder.
I planned to just taking it easy the rest of the month and get back to the gym next month.
That's already next week yay!!!
But today I was soooo tempted and was justifying my wants
and told myself that 'I'm bored and being inactive can make my health worse'
which was partially true but come to think of it, I teach 4x a week. I kinda regret getting rid of
some classes but I had to for my well-being.
I'd prefer to teach or workout 2x/day but I just can't at the moment.u

I was speaking to a friend and my Zumba student about working out and how her body
looks for it. I related so well with her because aside from feeling guilty,
I feel really bored or tired when I don't do it.

Revisiting back 3+ years ago, I hated to work-out at the gyms or anywhere for that matter.
I hated sweating! It was boring, boring, boring!
Lol.. I couldn't sweat. 

Now I want and look forward to working out everyday and even when I feel like I'm dying 
I just go to Zumba and I come back to life!
Some people might think I'm obsessed with it but heck that's a great obsession to have!
I told myself that my fitness and health is on top of my priorities and followed through.
It's just fortunate that I found something I love.
And now I also love to use the machines and weights for toning.
I can't wait till next week!!!

(Daily Dare: getting obsessed with what you're passionate about
 can make life very pleasurable )

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