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Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 219: Day 37 - When Spring is hiding... start the cleaning anyways!! (part 8)

So Thursday (yesterday) was terribly slow 
No much done, just laying low taking it easy
Still lots of pain in my shoulder and lost some sleep again so I was trying to rest all day
and worked on the other Albums for shutterfly.

Sorting out photos as cleaning it up is a big job
We live in a world of abundance and with today's technology we take hundreds more
pictures than we did when film was around.
There's just so much to distract us today.
Heck even just sorting out photos can take up a whole day.

We snap away and not think twice about the amount of work to go through them.
Well maybe some of us don't even look at them again.
Just the photos on my cel phone has over 3K
It's nuts!!!
Just cleaning that up takes forever.
We go on a lot of trips and I often sort out the thousands of photos that we come home with.
2013 was the killer!!!
Too many trips = too many photos.
I love creating my photobooks and designing them but the photo sorting just kills me.
I'm many photobooks behind and I swear I can probably make a living out of making photobooks
Heck I've seen some crazy expensive books and a friend of mine just told me that 
someone she knew cost her $400 for her 30 page photobook and you had to handle it with gloves
and she said it looked mediocre compared to mine lol!
I believed her because I've seen some other ones too and like my hubby says .. I have the eyes for
creativity and design. Now that's awesome to know that I've got a little bit of hidden talents right there lol!

Here's just a few 8x8 photobooks I've created not too long ago

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