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Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 219: Day 7- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 2)

Feeling much better today except for the lingering scratchy throat and the grogginess.
Still... I really don't want to miss Zumba tonight so I decide that I will rest for the day and continue
planning and preparing my blogs in advance.

This is going to be my Terrific Tuesday blog!

This morning the question of "what to eat for breakfast" was little lesson in 'decision making 101'
I was thinking of many things to eat, and if I sum it all up... It becomes a huge buffet! 

One thing I recall about the importance of making plans or deciding early is that I can make better choices instead of just doing anything.
This morning I had an idea of what I would have for breakfast and I decided that it would be a healthy choice.
Then I went into the kitchen and Hubby offers to make me all sorts of stuff.
I declined immediately and remembered to stick with my plan.

It's true what they say about making your plans or someone else will make it for you.
So if you make the decisions early and stick with it, you're on your way to success.
Decisions. Decisions...No returns, no refunds lol!

(Daily Dare: Make a decision to stick with your plan and you'll feel terrific all day long)

Today's project list: Plan Menus, plan my blog titles in advance, plan my week

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