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Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 219: Day 6- Sorry but there's no Refunds or Returns! (Part 1)

I thought getting back into blogging was a synch but I am falling behind and realize that blogging on  weekends is not easy!

First there was Friday of which I was sick all day.
Blogging was fine, I had to delete, delete, delete!
Saturday was a friend 's wedding which was I  busy, busy, busy! 
Sunday was church meetings and after the meeting was another meeting.

So heck Mondays are like weekends for me. I gotta love Mondays and look forward to it!

Yes I'm the complete opposite of the crowd and it doesn't mean I have a better life or I'm more privileged. It's just the way it is and has been.
While others can't stand Mondays... I've always loved Mondays!

 Perhaps because all my adult life I was a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and loved it when the kids finally went back to school lol! No joke :)

Nothing's changed, I love my quiet time on Mondays.
My Mondays truly mattered.
It was my night to prepare Mexican Mondays, my days to plan, to clean, to be home and do the homey stuff. 
However that hasn't happened in a while and I'm trying to get back my old Monday routines.
Blogging helps me remember these things. I become an organized freak and I miss that!

My Mondays Mattered.

I really believe that as a woman with the many roles we have... we need to set aside that one day to ourselves and make ourselves matter. Especially as a mom, when we don't matter...
Everything is in chaos!

I want my Mondays back!

So yesterday I looked forward to today and 
I had a million things planned but...

I've come down with body aches, headaches and soar throat!

(Daily Dare: The day can only get as bad as we perceive it. Make the best of it)

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