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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Project 219: Day 5: Thank God for Mirrors...who's gonna tell me that I look like CwAp! (Part 2)

Now I did learn a thing or two about my public image and how we sometimes put out a certain front of how we want to be perceived.
We never really post any bad photos of us online if we can help it right?
(It helps when you keep yourself untaggable hehe)
It's become almost like a popularity contest or for some it's almost a modeling magazine lol!
C'mon let's face it, it's kind of funny. 
I love seeing myself through other people and I have a good laugh :)

I clearly get it!!!  I understand! It's ok, we're all humans and we want to count :)

I know that one of the dangers of being a diva, you think you gotta look a certain way.
But really... I'm very versatile and carefree with my image. 
Most of the time I'm just very casual and even lazy to dress up. (although my closet will tell you otherwise with clothes exploding with unworn clothes and tags still on them.)

Just the other day I walked out in my houseclothes with my top worn inside-out. (Knowingly) Lol!
I've always been comfortable being me, very simple and still can't put proper makeup.
No pretense but yes preferably in pumps and heeled boots. 
Nonetheless down to earth! 

(Daily Dare: If no one will tell me how I look like, there's always the mirror and how I view myself that counts!)

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