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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What da HECK are you talking about? PART 1

Are you a 'blah blah blahgger'... 
I mean blogger? (Lol!)
(Still trying to finish up my site's last minute stuff so I'm gonna share more Following LUV Tips)

Is your content really worth sharing?

Or are you sometimes like myself: 
you write endlessly, get lost in the moment and
find out that you 've written half a book of  
 'Me, Myself and I and oh my family pet!?!@*%?

The question is:
What captures you reader's attention?

You are one in almost 200million bloggers out there,
Never mind just trying to be found, you are 
'the needle in a haystack in pile of
thousand stack's  
unless you know a thing or two about SEOs

                 That's why you have to invite followers...Duh! (LOL!)
                      But now that you've got followers.....
                              ' What da heck are you talking about?'
                 NOTE: Why should I come read your blah..blah..blogs 
                         when I'm too busy catching  up writing my own blogs? 
                           (Well sometimes other blogs are more fun to read of course!   ahemm..again the funny little things that go through my head haha!)

I know i know, these are way too many questions and it's probably
'annoying' the heck out of you! You're probably thinking two thing:
Why can't I just blog in peace?
                                                  Why do I have to please my audience?

                    That's totally up to you! 
                    It's all about what outcome you want out of blogging.
                      But if it's so ANNOYING, why is your eyes GLUED to my MESSAGE?
                                               Why have you read this far?
                                  Notice how I got your eyes jumping around this page
                                    (even with all  the grammatical errors hehe)
                                  Perhaps maybe I may know a little something?....
                                                                    to be continued tomorrow!

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m your newest follower from MBC. Great site! You can check me out at http://www.theecoblogger.com and join me on FB too https://www.facebook.com/JodiLeeEcoWarrior

  2. LOL. Yeah, so sometimes I wonder if I should just stop blogging because my blog really isn't all that different from those other 200millions out there. Who doesn't have a food blog?

  3. I like the different fonts you use. Very eye catching...nice cliff hanger at the end! I'll be looking ofr the rest of the story. I have a new post as well. Stop by when you get a chance!

  4. @thai make it unique to you..

    Btw I am stopping by from MBC, I hope you follow me back!

  5. Very nice. I need to start writing my blog in a abstract pattern with various font sizes, colors, and indents. You got my attention.

    Can't wait to see what part two has in store.


  6. Thanks for stopping by and showing your luv. I am your newest follower.


  7. I'm following you from MBC. I really liked your post - I'm always wondering how to keep my readers' attention.


  8. Cool Post. Will Tune in For the rest ;-)


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  10. Hi! thanks for following me. Interesting blog you have here :D

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  12. Great post, with lots of truth in it. I do find thought that if I personally follow to many people, I can't get to everyone's blogs. So every once in while I do a clean up, taking out people that don't blog that interestingly to my mind. Unfortunately, when I follow I read and I comment. it is important, but I can't do everything. So content is important, BUT having said that, there is a lid for every pot, I am sure. No matter what you blog about, someone out there will want to read it. It might just not be such a wide audience.

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  15. My blog is crap. Perhaps I should read your more. LOL

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  16. I found you! I'm so excited!

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    Love it love it and love the Dare Diva handle!


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  19. Thx for the follow! Right back atcha! I need to read up on all this in the am! So exhausted from soccer Fri nite & all day today! Sunday will be the same. How about you?? I'll be back...

  20. Hi I'm returning the follow from the MBC hop. Thanks for stopping by our page. Your blog is hysterical!