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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The iPhone's Hidden Message - Part 3

I fought with my BFF and flew off the handle.
Because I felt she had DONE exactly what others had done to me in the past
concerning my ideas and projects.
Except I had NO control over the other situations!
We didn't know each other! LOL!

However this one time I did have total control because it was her!
But I totally LOST control of my emotions

So I Let it words FLY Carelessly like I had done with my iPhone as
I flung the bedsheets to fix the bed.

I couldn’t believe it!
After telling her how everyone in the world are doing all the ideas
which I was suppose to be doing but couldn’t because of who knows what...
'all the P-Words ‘Procrastination, Perfection but I would rather blame it on
my ADD'.
I blame everything on my ADD! (Well isn’t that just dandy!)

This time, I couldn’t accept the fact that now it was HER!
Someone I had confided in,
someone I trusted and mentored all this time!

Although down deep I cared for her success and want the best for her
I was just shocked and felt betrayed which I guess is quite humanly.

But after the emotional roller-coaster
At least I knew I cared enough for her to tell her how I felt.
I could’ve done the opposite and just let it go and felt resentment afterwards.

And when things petered down,

I realized that I wasn’t really angry at her at all,
That I was actually happy for her but I was more angry at myself

I felt envious because she moves like a bulldozer and can get things
done in a week what would take me months to do because of my so called ADD. (Hahaha there I go again.)

It’s not easy being A Distracted Diva (ADD hahaha that’s just making it sound better!)

All kidding aside, she had been instrumental in helping me focus lately.
But most of all she has been compassionate towards my problem.
She knows all my ups and downs, my successes and failures.

She also has been there to witness all the miraculous signs that drive me
To the completion of my projects.
And she had been faithful and trustful to all my actions because she too
cannot deny the power of FAITH and believing in divine interventions
to lead us back to our personal missions.

There were exactly SEVEN instances that this happened!
ALL of WHich mattered more than the other projects!

Ha, I just realized as I wrote that above, I just remembered the SEVENTH SIGN movie!
(Hmm I wonder what 7th sign means? Perhaps nothing)

To be continued….

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