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Monday, February 28, 2011

The iPhone's Hidden Message - Part 2

But I just had to look!

There it was, still in one piece!
But the cover was split open but luckily it was still fine.
However, a few more bling blings came off and yep it's chipped
A bit more from all the previous falls.

Then I thought about my dear friend and the Text Fight we had before.
And I remembered how dear she was to me and couldn't compare her to my
pretty iPhone.

I knew It was ‘my bad!’
And as I tried to put the iPhone cover together, I was happy that it was still in place.

Then I remembered there was something missing!

Something I kept hidden in between the phone covers to keep as a reminder.

Sigh..luckily, I have way too many reminders to help me accomplish my mission in life!

It was the Fortune Cookie Message!
Yes the fortune cookie I had gotten way back in the summer
last year while having lunch with hubby!

That Fortune Cookie message was another kick in my ‘butt’
To wake me up to the reality of my inconsistencies!

During that summer, my mind had wondered off again to
Business LaLaLand! Yes it does that way too often!

I had set aside past projects to pursue another ingenious idea! WOW!
It definitely has a great business potential and wouldn’t mind pursuing it if
Time permitted! LOL!

But once again, I knew that God had better plans for me.

Because just as I began to look deeper into the franchising business,
The Fortune Cookie message came to the rescue! Coincidence ya think???
Well then there’s toooooo many darn coincidences then!
But I hardly think so.
Well, I'd rather just leave that up for debate for someone else.

It’s not the very first time this very thing happened to me. I often get ‘butt-kick' because I'm too darn stubborn... hahahha!
Well to be more grateful, I call them ‘Loving Reminders’ of our true mission in life. (And I get many which would make up a whole e-book so don't be surprised if I actually make one)

So I looked for that paper which was even more precious than the iPhone cover.

There it was on the floor.

And then I suddenly remembered the cause of my frustrations and why I had a fight with my best friend.

To be continued….

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