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Friday, February 25, 2011

The iPhone's Hidden Message - Part 1

(This site is temporary... pls.keep visiting! anyways... I have a story to tell)

I had a BIG FIGHT with a close friend two weeks ago.
Unkind words were said:

"Well you did this and you must’ve done that!"
"And how could you?"
"I don’t know if I could trust you!"

But really, as soon as I sat down and really thought about what I’ve done,

I realized that I was just fighting with Myself.
It was definitely an outward expression of what I was feeling internally.
Frustrations of course!
YES I was fighting with myself! I was angry for my inadequacy,
my lack of, my whatever…

So what better to let out your anger or frustrations to the closest people in your life!
They can’t leave you right?
Or better yet, they will love you just the same!

As sorry as I am, I have already done it and it’s hard to take it back.

WELL, Don’t we all have fights with ourselves?

This morning as I flung my bedsheets to fix the bed, my iPhone flew
to the floor! It was a heavy fall and I froze and was too scared to look
because I knew it was my precious pretty iPhone. LOL!

I thought: "OMG...What am I going to do?"

To be continued...

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  1. hope your phone still works :) love the bejeweledness btw :)My advice for fighting with friends... if that friend is near and dear, then forgive and forget :) have a great weekend!

  2. All the best to you and your friend. Hope you are able to maintain your friendship.

  3. Sometimes we argue over bs.. I also agree that a true friend would know better than to let it get out of hand.....

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    Have an awesome weekend ladies!

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  5. Hi there,

    I am now following you; came from Mom Bloggers. You have me hanging with this blog entry. Keep it up!


  6. My girlfriends and I have a saying.... If you can't take it out on the people who are closest to you then where do you go. Good friends understand. Hope your I phone is ok.

  7. It's hard when out inner conflict lashes out into the world at those we love. I think anyone reading your post would agree. I hope you are able to bring yourselves back together without permanent harm.

    Love your blinged out phone. Generally don't like bling but the hearts are beautiful.

    Looking forward to following your blog and seeing how it evolves.


  8. Following you from MBC, just wanted to let you know! ;o)

  9. newest follower from mbc

  10. Like I always say...it so much easier to say awful things to the ones we love than it is to strangers....we know our loved ones will forgive us and we exploit that....we have no ideas what strangers are capable of, so we tend to treat them better....I hope everything works out...and you should decorate phones for a living! lol

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