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Monday, March 21, 2011

Get More Follower LUV Tips!

My site design is just about done and I'm well pleased with my garden! 
Lots of LUV to mydesigner 'April' whom I'm gonna dedicate my 
first blog to in just a while.
While I go ahead and finish up the rest of the contents, 
I will give you more LUV Tips for patiently waiting for me!
More Tips on Following:

Remember, it's all about the LUV! 
(To learn more about how I got 200 followers in 4 days, 
ask for a special invite to my Secret Garden of Following 'LUV' Tips.  
Leave a comment and email me!)

               1. Only Follow Current active Bloggers anyone inactive 
               for more than2 months are most likely not going to 
               blog for a while let alone follow. 
               But if you find they can use some encouragement, 
               leave a nice comment and Share the LUV! 
               You might just make their day! 
               Trust me, I know that would do it for me! 

              2.  Leave comments where it’s due! I’ve heard this is a 
               great way to be found on search engines. 
               Make it sincere or if you don’t 
               know what to say just say ‘hello’!

               3.  STUDY their Sites: Pay attention to how you feel when 
               you visit.  See what attracts you, what turns you off, 
               how they are making money. 
               You can learn a whole lot if you keep your eyes 
               and mind open. You might just make some 
               money with this fun hobby. 

    Come back real soon for more BLOG Luv Tips!  
    (wanna know what 'LUV' means? Come visit my Secret Garden, 
    ask for invite and email me!)

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    1. Great post!! You have some awesome ideas! :)

    2. thanks Shelly!
      Are you visiting my Secret Garden yet?
      If not, email me and i'll send you info

    3. Hello! Your Blog is very cool. It is a pleasure for me to participate.

      I wish you peace in your garden of life.

    4. Hi I am your newest follower from mondays blog hopp. As a new blogger and hopper I have found so many interesting and wonderful places to explore. I Like your blog and am looking forward to coming back soon and to read more of your tips.Hope you visit me too. Have a great week!

    5. First time visitor here. Found you on MBC.

      I agree with all these tips . . . especially #3. I'm a very visual person and if I like the overall look of a blog I will return just to see it again. :-)


    6. Hi I am your newest follower from Bloggy Moms. I am looking forward to reading your tips.



    7. Thanks for the great tips!

      Nice to connect with you through MBC!

    8. Thanks so much for following me! I'm now your newest follower too! :)

    9. Hi! Love your blog and am happy to have found you through bloggy moms! I hope you'll follow my blog, Yummy Mummy at http://www.yummymummykitchen.com.

    10. Giving back some Bloggy Mom LUV! Thanks for the follow and I look forward to reading your posts and learning from you! :)

    11. Great tips, totally agree and love your blog design. Stopping by from MBC to follow and say hello :)

    12. stopping by from mbc. new follower :) check out my blog

    13. love your title & great tips, following via mom bloggers club

    14. Following you back! Thanks so much for stopping by.

    15. Thank you for your lovely comment. Great tips btw your blog looks great.
      Now following :) x

    16. i am new blog follower


    17. Good tip about inactive bloggers. Thanks for all the tips. I look forward to joining your secret garden.

    18. Good tips :)

      I have given you a 'Versatile Blogger Award'. This was given to me and I am passing it on to you. Check my latest blog post for information on what this is :) http://makeupxmama.blogspot.com

      Have an awesome weekend :)