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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project 219: Day 99 - 101; A Lesson in forgiveness through Zumba Love (part 2)


I was first disappointed and then angry.
I decided I was angry at Joe being the detailed person and forgetting to put back the clock.
He knew my disappointment and so he left me alone to sulk lol!
I went to the gym to work off my frustrations and I can't remember the last time I ever felt the way I felt.

I had never felt so disappointed and really couldn't shake it off for a good hour.
I was on the treadmill telling myself that it's not his fault but I was still mad. I even prayed to get rid of the feeling and to forgive Joe lol!
It was lunch time and I was finally feeling less angry but I couldn't help but tell him
that it was still his fault. In my mind I really wanted to blame him. Poor guy :)
But I could really tell in his face that he was sorry too. He has never seen me so disappointed and I have never been so high about something like Zumba just to be crushed. 

We finally talked it out and the feeling slowly went away.

Every night after that incidence. i kept checking for the next Zumba class
And I wondered why they didn't do it everyday!!!

Finally... Saturday morning was the next Zumba class.
I was high again and this time I wasn't going to miss it. 

I was excited all over again!
Just because it was in the ship, it was a Latino male teacher! 
How fun!!!

The day came and I was ready to party!

The spotlights were on very bright and a little too warm. 
I was in the front row (who would've guessed lol) right with him and ready to jam!
The floor was packed and also the surrounding room was full of enthusiast ready to burn calories.
The music finally went on and played what seemed very different more to what I'm used to.
It was like a slow disco and felt like tai-chi on steroids lol!
We stretched slowly to the whole music.

Finally we passed the warm-up
The second song was a faster pace again disco-like music
He used the same stretches and incorporated more leg moves
But to me it started to feel like the same routine as the first except a little faster
I was relieved that the second stretch was over but at this point I was starting to have some doubts about the guy.
Third song...
A tad faster but still wondered 'where the heck is the Latin music hiding!??!'
AND...This guy was Latino!

He incorporated some hip-movements which I call a 'hula' move to all my sexy-song routines playlist.
Yet still, it was slow and again the stretches came back too often.
I was getting disappointed and wondered "Where is the Zumba in this Zumba party???"
5th and 6th song still no Latin, still no Zumba moves just different stretches and occasional grapevine moves. I was getting upset and frustrated.

The next song came on and it was finally Latin but very very basic. More of a dance-style class than a Zumba choreography. And I had hope... Maybe it gets better from here!!!
Then the disco-style and same stretches came on... and I finally got out of there.

Then Joe smiled as he saw my disappointment.
Again he was sorry and chuckling then said...
I guess you didn't miss much last Zumba class huh??!!

Again the same feelings of disappointment. 
I felt shamelessly foolish for ever taking it out on Joe the first time and to think that I had a hard time
trying to forgive him over Zumba.

What I take from it is that I should remember that there is nothing worth getting angry over or just don't sweat the small stuff! Especially taking it out on love ones.... It's not worth it! Lol!

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