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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Project 219: Day 77- 80, Cortisone Injection and I can't wait to have freedom from pain!

So I finally caved and asked for a cortisone injection for my now frozen shoulder tendonits 
I panicked all week because I really hate needles.
But if I need my shoulders to work again and to have a painless vacation, I had to deal with the needle injection 
Heck it was really painful.
 It felt as if the needle went into my bone but I'm still traumatized just remembering it. 
The doctor suggested that I rested but i insisted that I had to do Zumba and promised i wouldn't 
raise my arm too much.
Sure enough, I got hurt.
 But it's over now and I feel better after a whole week of pain.
I'm just waiting to see how effective this injection will be.

Well things are looking up already! My life seems less painful and gloomy.
Being in pain has so much darkness.

Thursday night, Elder Morales (who is on a mission for our church) called me early for Mother's Day.
It was also his birthday. It was nice to finally see him on skype and speak with him since Christmas.
He only gets to call home those two special days of the year.

Friday morning I wanted to go to the temple and do some service. So I brought a friend along who hasn't been in years. It was a full session and I was very tired and sleepy but I felt great otherwise.
Then I started packing for my vacation.

Today I'm getting ready to embark on another journey on a cruise with hubby and hopefully I will be able to relax, regroup and find my strength back. I never felt so drained like this and really need this break. It's no coincidence that we are going on a new NCL ship called Breakaway :)

Freedom from pain :)

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