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Monday, May 5, 2014

Project 219: Day 71-76: More doctor visits

So it's Monday again and I'm at another doctor's clinic. I've never been to this much doctor's visit since my 3 kids were born. Its not fun but I guess I may as well catch up on my blog while I try to wait 'patiently' here.

So this past few days went by quick. Not much to record except for the Sunday Lessons at Sunday school and RS Lesson that felt like an added pain to my side. Pain because it's something I set aside and avoided. One of the topics was Time Management. 
And yes it felt as if it was for me but I will definitely get on it today. And the also read the lesson 
I've missed in Sunday school.

I'm done complaining I can't use pain as my excuse anymore.
Here's an interesting observation though:
It seems that even though I have bodily pains and I feel weary whenever it comes
to Zumba or working out I somehow manage to pick myself up and go!
But on the other end of the spectrum... I use my pain as an excuse to delay all other
Or is it perhaps because I pick and choose where I want to allocate most of my energy?
Knowing that I have only a limited time and energy I deliberately prioritize my exercise and fitness?

I'm still at awe that I now actually put my health and fitness in the forefront.
 It's awesome!

Now I'm sitting here upset that this doctor's visit is taking up my morning exercise routines.
When in the past on a normal day when I'm at my best I would only think about doing 20mins of exercise and dreaded only the thought of it.
I could never get up and get motivated to start. I hated it and hate is a very strong word.
Now working out once a day doesn't even feel like it's enough or I feel shortchanged doing only Zumba without the strength training. 

My mindset is totally changed and I can actually say that my system has worked
and I could be proud about it.
Now if I can use that system to my way of eating and some other areas I believe I would also succeed!
That would be amazing and all it takes is the decision to do it.

Do I want to?
I guess it starts back to the question...
Why should I?
And is my 'why' compelling enough for me to move towards that goal?

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