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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project 219: Day 62-70 - I don't always appreciate my memory!

Important note to myself: Avoid Stress at all cost!!!
Stress is a choice!

So to recap this past few days:
It's too personal to mention here but for my own reference lets just say it's
been a lot of pain and setbacks. 

Pain due to physiotherapy which was suppose to help but I immediately stopped and I feel much better today. Gotta find another alternative and I'm glad that I'm able to get input from friends and the internet.
One thing really leads to another and I almost fell into a depression due to the frustration and more lack of sleep. Couldn't even tie up my hair for Zumba class and now my range of motion for my shoulder is less that when I started.
What an awful time.
I've learned a lot about myself this past week and how I've lost a bit of momentum in my journey due to looking backwards. It was very boldly taught to me this past Sunday during all the messages at church and even my own lesson that I taught. I have to really monitor my stress triggers and why I'm not moving forward as I should.

One thing to keep in mind from now on is to never look backwards. 
Not something I didn't already know!!
It's just that at times we forget because we look for distractions to calm the pain or whatever stress we are going through. One thing I've learned is that the adversary also uses our 'memory' as a tool to weaken us through past desires. So we look back and remember those things that give us unworthy pleasures. Eg. Excessive Shopping or the comforting feel of a Nutella on bread as a mid-afternoon snack lol!

So I'm  repeating some of my past mistakes and I'm glad I caught this before I self-destruct.
 And how do I get to this point? Well temptations come easily when we are weak physically and our guards are down. This is from the physical pain then lack of sleep and over fatigue. It's a chain reaction and so is the consequences. So ya I've been shopping but it's all good now. I caught myself in time and I'm grateful that I am guided through divine interventions :)
Unfortunately some things are revisited over and over again until we learn the lesson well. 

Daily Dare:  "Avoidance is more powerful than resistance"

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