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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project 219: Day 44 - the Nutella craving!

It's official!!!
Lack of sleep and cheesecake will make you fat!!!
But really...
Cheesecake has never affected me before like it does now. It's only because I haven't slept well in weeks and yes it's true that when we don't get a good amount of sleep our brain get confused
and the signals goes whack and we think we are hungry when in fact we are tired!
Oh the cheesecakes my hubby makes is sinfully delicious.
It's unreal and I'm a big cheesecake fan and quite picky too.

So yes I've been gaining weight and I've been telling myself that I would go back this week 
But it hasn't happened as yet.
Hubby being sick the past few days made me lazy and I took advantage of sleep.
So not having gone back to the gym, lack of sleep and cheesecake is the new recipe for fat!

Plus today was an extra awful day!
I just craved Nutella all day and I totally indulged myself and had
a few servings throughout the day.

I suppose because I'm a bit anxious about a few things like my doctor appointment 
tomorrow. I don't feel like going but I have to.

So ok I've had one pretty bad day, it's allowed!
Tomorrow is going to be better :)

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