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Monday, April 14, 2014

Project 219: Day 53-54 - Snow is gone for good!

It was a beautiful weekend
Friday I went back to the gym for the first time and Saturday was back to regular
Zumba and strength training and the pain was welcomed.
And the rest of the day was spent grocery shopping at the Asian grocery store and
it was packed. The line was very long and Im glad I had my brother to help me
while Joe stayed home for the roof repairs.
It was a long day and I was glad to stay home and rest at night.

Sunday was church service as usual and an extra meeting afterwards.
So from 12-pm to 4pm and I was exhausted because I hardly slept the night before.
Not a great idea to skip on the anti-inflammatory pills.
The pills help with the discomfort.
I'd like to do this naturally without drugs but right now I need it to help me sleep as
much as I can.

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